Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Lower Lot


Housed in Mummy Queue
Based on Silent Hill Franchise (1999-2012)

Welcome to Silent Hill was one of the five haunted mazes that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2012 (Hollywood). It was the very first (and last) house at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood to be based on a video game. The maze was located in the Mummy Queue.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cross through the portal of pain from Fog World to Otherworld, where the forsaken town of Silent Hill awaits. Feel your blood freeze as you come face to face with Pyramid Head, the colossal executioner, armed with an enormous jagged blade. Go under the knives of devilishly disfigured nurses, determined to scar you for life. Struggle for your final gasps of air as the Bogeyman smashes everything in his path with his murderous hammer. It's not a game. It's not a movie. This time, the nightmare is real.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Revenge" - Alessa Gillespie
  • "Look at me. I'm burning." - Alessa Gillespie
  • "Now it is the end of days and I am the Reaper" - Alessa Gillespie

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Apparently, this maze was not planned since the beginning and there was something else planned instead [1].
  • The codename for this maze was "Carpenter".
  • This was first time both Universal Orlando & Universal Hollywood tackled a video game franchise as a house.
  • Much of the maze was based on the movie franchise:
    • The Missionary was from Silent Hill Revelations 3D.
    • The Nurses' designs were based on the original film.
    • Pyramid Head's design was based on Silent Hill 2. However, his height was based on the original Silent Hill movie.
    • Lisa Garland's Design was based on the original movie.
    • Alessa Gillespie's look and lines were from the original movie.
    • The school was based on how it looked in the original movie.
    • Colin the Janitor was from the original movie.
    • The hallway of fences was from the movie.
    • The scene with the Nurses was from Silent Hill Revelations 3D.
  • The maze was based primarily on the films, but also incorporated elements from the games:
    • Robbie the Rabbit from the games had “Easter Eggs” in the set design & was a live character for the finale[2].
    • The ending with Robbie the Rabbit was a reference to the opening scene of Silent Hill 3, where there are a bunch of Robbie the Rabbit mannequins on benches.
    • "Toluca Lake Water and Power" was a location from Silent Hill: Homecoming.
    • The phrase "There was a hole here. It's gone now" was a reference to Silent Hill 2.
    • The phrase "At the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage" from in the school was a quote from "Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments" from Silent Hill 4: The Room.
    • The "Silent Hill Fresh Meats" building was a building from Silent Hill 2.
    • The corpse guests saw on the fence wall inside the scene where Alessa Gillespie first appeared was the same one that Harry Mason encountered in the first game.
    • The static guests heard in the maze was a reference to the games in which when an enemy is near you'll hear static.
    • Every time Alessa Gillespie appeared in the maze (3 times), she appeared behind a wall with the Seal of Metatron. The seal appeared in the Silent Hill 1-3, Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and Silent Hill Revelations 3D.
  • The HHN Twitter gave out daily passwords for the maze. If you were to tell the password to Howard Blackwood (who would be standing outside the house), you would receive a prize. This is a list of the daily passwords:
    • Alessa
    • Lakeside
    • Brookhaven
    • Red Nurse
    • Robbie
    • Otherworld
    • Doll
    • Fog World
    • Nurse
    • Brookhaven
    • Air Raid
    • Akira
    • Ash Rain
    • The Order
    • Janitor
    • Revelation
    • Witch
    • Brandon
  • For the Twitter password game in 2012, Murdy had acquired a cache of goodies that he gave away every night; including video games, soundtracks, production swag and even screen used Robbie the Rabbit props from the film[3].
  • For Silent Hill, John Murdy and his time really tried to capture the eeriness of the films and video games in the set design. Lighting was super important in this maze since there was a lot of scrim illusions[4].
  • There were many Robbie the Rabbits hidden in different places throughout the maze, including the back of the car window from the facade.
  • According to John Murdy, Pyramid Head was a particularly tricky character given his height and enormous, oddly-shaped head gear. His team devised a mask that was made out of incredibly light weight foam, and then painted to look like rusted metal so the stilt-walkers had freedom of movement[5].
  • John Murdy also said that the Nurses were also tricky, since their characters really didn’t have a face or eyes. His make up artists had to be clever in the mask sculpting process to create hidden slots for vision. Their bodies also had to be extensively air-brushed to tie it all together[6].
  • The siren was used as an audio element to transition between Fog World and Other World [7].
  • The set behind Alessa Gillespie in each scene she was in was the Other World [8].
  • In one of the last scenes, there was a corpse with a reused mask from Hostel: Hunting Season.

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