Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Vikings Undead.jpg
Vikings Undead
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 29
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Central Park
Year 2019
House in Central Park
Based on Original

Vikings Undead was one of the five scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 29. It was located in Central Park.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

On August 12th, 2019, Universal announced that a scarezone based undead vikings would be coming to their Halloween Horror Nights event that year.

The scarezone would be located in an area called Central Park, a small wooded area connecting World Expo to Hollywood. There are two paths, one going along the Universal Lagoon and the other going through the trees. The scarezone would be located in the second of these two paths.

Description[edit | edit source]

We’re all familiar with the brutal Viking warriors. It’s terrifying enough thinking about facing them alive. Now picture facing them as the undead. They have risen and laid siege to Central Park with an onslaught of gore. Bloodlust never dies.


Brutal, horn-helmeted warriors have risen from the grave and laid siege to Central Park. Barred from Valhalla, the viking paradise, these skeletal fighters have channeled their vindictive rage into an endless onslaught of gore.

Recoil in horror as you encounter victims of their gruesome ritual torture and face hordes of draugr, reanimated corpses. Bloodlust never dies.

(Additional Description)

Media Description[edit | edit source]

Vikings Undead is over at the Central Park area, and it gave the creators a chance to dive into Norse-Mythology brings some of the creatures to life. They've got a group of undead warriors tht refused to enter the walls of Valhalla, and they are erupting out of the ground, along with there broken viking ship to re-havoc on everywhere. - Said by Blaze.

Scarezone[edit | edit source]

Throughout the scarezone, were various viking-themed props, such as banners, a large masked, tied-up corpses, helmets, and shields. Lining the trees, were glowing skulls and lanterns. A few scareactors torturing victims to the side, such as one burning while a viking dug into their back, appeared as well. Other scareactors from this scarezone included other viking-looking creatures and stiltwalkers, including one that looked like a tree. There was a main stage on which the victim with their back opened like wings was hung. On that stage, either a king or queen of the vikings would preform sacrifices and other rituals.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Blake Braswell has said that A&D had done research on historical torturings that have actually occurred in the Viking ages such as the Blood Eagle that can be seen in the zone.
  • Blake Braswell was excited for this zone to happen because it was an idea that had been ruminating and almost came to fruition for HHN 28 but was pulled and worked more on for this year.
  • The victim of the lady with her backed ripped open like wings was reused from the "A Chance in Hell" scarezone from Halloween Horror Nights 26.
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