Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
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Vanity Ball
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 29
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Hollywood
Year 2019
House in Hollywood
Based on Original

Vanity Ball was one of the five scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 29. It was located in Hollywood.

History and Location

On August 12th, 2019, Universal announced that a scarezone based in a ball where mutilation is considered beautiful would be coming to their Halloween Horror Nights event that year.

The scarezone would be located in an area called Hollywood, an area of Universal Studios Florida located to the right of the park entrance. It is a recreation of the city of Hollywood (minus the famous sign).


Your flesh is a canvas in Hollywood. And these blade-wielding artists can't wait to take a scalpel to you.


Your flesh is the canvas in Hollywood. Rabid fans cheer as their favorite blade-wielding artists slice up willing participants into horrific living works of art. There's nothing they won't do in pursuit of their grotesque aesthetic ideals, and they can't wait to take a scalpel to you.

(Additional Description)


Beauty is pain. Literally. In the streets of Hollywood, your flesh becomes the canvas as blade-wielding artists slice up willing participants into horrific living works of art. Here, going under the knife takes on a whole other meaning.


The Vanity Ball was a showcase of the finest fashions of flesh and blood, created by two rival surgeons, Dr. Plasmare and Dr. Metamorph, and hosted by the Madame and the Maestro. Plastic surgery is the height of fashion in this scarezone, and beauty is pain; the haus is always looking for new parts, or their next potential work of art. Finished product supermodels from both doctors’ operating rooms walked the runway at the center of the zone, while on the outskirts, the two doctors performed demonstrative surgeries on less fortunate harvester victims to acquire parts, such as fresh eyes and intestines, for their macabre creations. Often times, botched “wannabe” models would crash the runway, causing chaos as they attempt to take the spotlight and walk the runway in increasingly ridiculous ways, much to the disdain of the two hosts.

While the subject matter was horror in nature, the scarezone was also known for its queer undertones; the zone itself and its characters emulated ballroom culture, as well as the modern drag scene, and both of the hosts spoke of inclusivity and acceptance in a way that reflected the LGBTQ+ community throughout the night, as can be summarized by the Madame’s final speech on closing night:

“One; come as you are, but always leave better.

Two; stop collecting art, and become it.

Three; people are going to stare at you either way, my dears, so give them something to stare at.

Four; under the power of Vanity, my dears, you bow to no one. You were born to lead the way, my dears, so remain free from the shackles of societal constraints, because you were born anew under Vanity. Step out of the shadows and into the light, and be brave in the name of Vanity.”




  • This scarezone received criticism towards the beginning of the event. However, as the event amped up, the scareactors really started to shine.
  • Some of the Pre-Op and Harvester Victims were supposed to be wearing regular clothes to blend in with the crowds, and at random moments would be dragged out of the crowds and pulled up on stage to be operated on. However, the idea was scrapped at the last second and every victim was switched to patient gowns.
  • No two models or wannabes in the zone were exactly the same; some characters shared specific visual elements such as a scalp-pull headpiece, or a light feature, but they were executed differently between casts.
  • Whenever a specific song (The Beat by Mike Williams) would play in the music loop, all of the models, wannabes, and sometimes various harvester victims decked out in stolen organs, would take to the streets surrounding the runway itself in a full company runway walk.
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