Halloween Horror Nights Wiki

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make this blog post to list a few rules. This blog post will probably be ever-expanding as we create new rules for the wiki!

  1. One of the most important rules on the wiki is to credit your sources. When adding images, please list in the captions where you got the image from. When you are adding facts to a page, also source where you got your information from. Any uncredited images will be deleted.
  2. No Fan-Speculation, opinions,  or assumptions on pages. We want to keep this wiki strictly objective. However, you can include speculation in the discussion posts at the bottom of each page.
  3. Be careful to understand what each category means before adding pages to them. 
  4. In houses, characters that appeared in videos and pictures DO NOT COUNT as appearing "in the house". However, videos count if they were used in shows.
  5. Only one picture screenshotted from outside HHN per page. The rest of the pictures should be of HHN related things only. 
  6. When adding a page/ new info, please reread what you wrote and check your grammar. It also wouldn't hurt to double check your sources when adding info to avoid misinformation.
  7. All content on wiki pages must have some clear relevance to Halloween Horror Nights.
  8. When adding pictures to character galleries, order the pictures in order of appearance. For houses, do it in order of concept art to scenes in the house from beginning to end. For scarezones, split them between daytime props pictures to night scareactor pictures.
  9. All images that are not in a gallery should be 350px.
  10. No fanart allowed. We love and support all fan artists out there, it's just the purpose of the Wiki is for official and objective content.
  11. Do not reveal the personal information of actors in the comments.
  12. This goes without saying, but nothing inappropriate or trolly. 
  13. The Wiki uses a 3 strikes policy. The first time you break on of the rules you get an explanation of what you did wrong, second time you get a warning, third time you’re out.
    1. If anything obviously trolly or illegal is posted on the Wiki, it will cause an immediate ban.
  14. Do not advertise on our Wiki.
  15. If you aren’t sure if something you are doing is against the rules, please contact a moderator. We are here to help.
  16. Respect the moderators, we are people too.

More will be added, but for now this is all the rules that I could think of.