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Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
Us (Hollywood).png
Us (Hollywood)
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot
Year 2019
Housed in Curious George Tent 1

Based On

Us (2019)

Us (Hollywood) was one of the ten haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Hollywood). It was located in Curious George Tent 1.


Jordan Peele’s new original nightmare comes to life when you follow in the footsteps of the Wilson Family as they face the ultimate opponent: themselves. You’ll freeze in terror and disbelief as you are hunted at every frightening turn by murderous doppelgängers — terrifying doubles of every American known as the “Tethered.” Having languished for generations throughout thousands of miles of abandoned underground tunnels, these human “copies” have organized, surfaced, and staged an uprising. You can run and you can hide, but you cannot escape the Tethered version of yourself.



The facade was the Vision Quest Funhouse with lights on it. The audio was a mix between "I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix)" and "Anthem". Guests would go up a couple of ramps before entering the maze.

Haunted Maze[]

Inside the Vision Quest funhouse were lanterns, forest-themed wallpaper, and mirrors. Guests would be startled by an Owl Animatronic that comes alive to scare guests. Guests would then travel down a hallway where a mirror could be seen at the end. A light would come on revealing the backside of Young Adelaide Wilson. Guests would then walk into another hallway of mirrors and forest wallpaper before entering a short black hallway.

After exiting the black hallway, guests were transported to the driveway of the Wilson House where foliage and tree branches surrounded the walls. Guests came face to face with the Tethered versions of the Wilson Family with a lamppost above them. Guests would be attacked by Pluto before entering the Wilson House.

Inside the Wilson House were hallways with paintings. Guests would see Pluto banging on the window before he jumped out at guests. Guests would then enter the living room to see Abraham pop out from behind the front door with a baseball bat. Red would be walking across the room and would periodically sit on a chair. Before exiting the maze, Umbrae would pop out from behind a door and scare guests. Guests would then exit the House.

Guests would walk down a short hallway where Red would pop out from the right with a pair of Scissors. Guests would turn left and come across a Facade of the Neighbor's house. Before entering guests would be scared by a Car with Umbrae on top of it from the right.

Inside the Neighbor's house was a TV with News footage of the events around the world and you can see the Twins from up above watching and holding hands. You would see Kitty and Josh dead on the floor next to each other. Tex would then pop out from a dark hole where he would put his hand out to guests only to slick his hair back. Before exiting the scene guests could see Dahlia in front of a small mirror cutting herself with Scissors. Guests would then enter a short hallway with paintings.

After the short hallway was a Small room where the Twins are dead laying side by side and then guests would go down a hallway with 2 doors and from those 2 doors Io and Nix would pop out at the same time. Guests would then exit the Neighbor's house.

Guests would come face to face with the facade of the Merlin's Forest Funhouse where there were dead bodies outside the facade. To the far right was a Pepper's Ghost effect revealing the 11:11 guy before he disappears. Guests would enter and find a continuation of lanterns, forest-themed wallpaper, and mirrors. Guests would then enter the passage into the Underground Tunnels.

In the Passage to the Underground Tunnels was a hallway Adelaide Wilson would pop out at guests. Guests afterwards would go down another hallway to then enter the Underground Tunnels.

Guests would go down a hallway with small bunnies in the scene and Red would pop out from the left while at the end of the hallway there was a Tethered playing the Carnival Game from the Boardwalk. Guests would then enter the classroom scene.

In the Classroom scene was flashing lights where the cages of the Bunnies were opened. And in front of the chalkboard was Red holding up paper figures before then being attacked by Adelaide Wilson which Red would stop and push back away from her. Guests would go left into a small room with a Hands Across America Shirt and paper figures before entering the Finale Scene.

The Finale Scene was a black room with static figures of Tethered holding hands (Hands Across America). There were 5 scare actors in the room pretending to be static who would then pop out at guests. Guests would then exit the maze.



  • "Once Upon a Time. There was a girl and the Girl had a Shadow. The Two were connected" - Red
  • "I never stopped thinking about you" - Red
  • "There’s a family in our driveway." - Jason
  • "It’s us." - Jason
  • "Run." - Red
  • "And the Shadow hated the Girl. So much. For so long" - Red
  • "But your people took it for granted. We’re human too, you know." - Red
  • "And yet, it was humans that built this place. I believe they figured out how to make a copy of the body, but not the soul." - Red
  • "But they failed, and they abandoned the Tethered. For generations, the Tethered continued without direction. They all went mad down here." - Red
  • "And to think, if it weren’t for you, I never would have danced at all." - Red
  • "It’s our time now." - Red
  • "What are you people?" - Gabe
  • "We're Americans" - Red





  • This Maze was not originally planned from the start for 2019. [1].
  • Jordan Peele was personally involved with the development of this maze [2].
  • Peele was very specific in how he wanted the film represented. The use of blood in his films is very specific, and it was important to him that it be artistically applied [3].
  • They designed some of these scenes with more room than they would normally give a performer, and that’s to try to pay off specifically the way Red moves. [4].
  • Jordan Peele personally came down to help choose the actors for this Maze and help direct them how to act in the maze. [5].
  • Murdy has said that this maze was one of the most challenging mazes the team has ever done and one of the most theatrical. The choreographer for the film was brought in to work with the cast [6].
  • Murdy believes this was the most "theatrical" maze ever done for Hollywood (as of 2020) [7].
  • Lupita Nyong'o reprised her role as Red in the maze for a night[8].
  • Many of the actors portraying Red began the event's run wearing masks, but several weeks in they no longer did. This was rumored to be caused by a minor controversy.
  • Many of the red jumpsuits and scissor props were screen used and appeared in the actual film, most of which belonging to extras used for the "hands across America" scene. They had so many left over that they allowed them to be borrowed for the event[9].
  • The Lanterns in the Vision Quest Scenes are from Freddy vs. Jason.
  • The Owl was sculpted to look exactly like the one in the Movie. [10].
  • In a Description of the Treatment by John Murdy, the Opening Scene was supposed to have the Lights go out as a Lighting Effect. The Reason for this not being present is unknown. [11].
  • The Way they did Red behind the Mirror in the Opening Scene is with a 50/50 Mirror. [12].
  • In the maze audio, even though guests don't go to the lake, Peele wanted to have the motorboat heard in the background, so that they get the sense that it's out there somewhere. [13].
  • The Maze is a Slow Burn that builds in anticipation until you get to the Outside Wilson House. [14].
  • They used appropriately 40,000 Pictures to get the Wilson Family Cabin right. [15].
  • In the Living Room scene, a VHS of the movie C.H.U.D was on a shelf to the right of the fireplace.
  • In the Neighbor's House, guests could spot the Alexa (Ophelia) on a table on the far left.
  • In the Neighbor's House, guests could spot the Tattoos of Tim Heidecker's Character, Josh Tyler, on the Mannequin of his Dead Body on the Floor.
  • Jordan Peele was also specific about the exact positioning of Josh and Kitty’s twin daughters, whose dead bodies Peele intentionally staged to resemble those of the slaughtered Grady twins in The Shining. [16].
  • Universal creatives were unsure as to how to adapt the end of the film for the maze and approached director Jordan Peele with the idea of the guests being surrounded by the tethered, who would be hand-to-hand, like the hands across America. Peele liked the idea and that’s what they brought to life. [17].
  • The Classroom Tables were from Stranger Things.
  • This maze won Maze of the Year in 2019.


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