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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
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Universal Monsters The Bride of Frankenstein Lives Sign Entrance.png
Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Universal Studios Orlando Fall & Halloween Experience (2020)
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2020
Housed in Soundstage 23
Based on Universal Classic Monsters

Preceded By

Universal Monsters (2019)

Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives was one of the three haunted houses that were featured in the "Halloween Festivities" at Universal in 2020. It was located in Soundstage 23.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

For their 30th Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal wanted to create another haunted house based on the Universal Classic Monsters. The house would be a sequel to the previous year's Universal Monsters house. The Bride of Frankenstein Lives would pick up where the last house ended, with Frankenstein's Laboratory being reduced to rubble.

After Halloween Horror Nights 30 was cancelled, Universal announced on September 14th, 2020 that two haunted houses were coming for a Seasonal Experience that year. Bride of Frankenstein Lives would be one of the two chosen.

The house would be located in Soundstage 23. The house was the first house to be built in Soundstage 23 since The Thing and Nightingales: Blood Prey in 2011.

Description[edit | edit source]

“We belong dead.” The last words of Frankenstein’s monster on that fateful night when his Bride rejected him. But his end was her beginning. Now the Bride is stepping out of the shadows to bring him back. And there’s nothing she won’t do as she sharpens her brilliance by experimenting on unsuspecting victims. The mate will have her monster. And the monster his mate.

"What happens after the tower explodes at the end of Universal Pictures' 1935 horror classic, The Bride of Frankenstein? Who or what survived?

In the film, Frankenstein's Monster demands that his creator build him a mate, since humanity has rejected him. But The Bride also rejects him, unleashing her now infamous scream. In a moment of despair, The Monster responds with the immortal line, "We Belong Dead!" and flips the switch to bring down the castle on top of them. This is the last we saw of The Bride of Frankenstein... until now.

"The haunted house will tell what happened next. Determined to revive The Monster, The Bride harvests the blood of the fiendish Brides of Dracula in hopes of resurrecting him.

One thing is certain: The Mate will have her Monster and The Monster his mate.

Experience[edit | edit source]

Queue and Facade[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the queue for this house was right outside the Universal Music Plaza. The line for this house went through the Universal Music Plaza. Guests would then start walking towards Soundstage 23 and enter the soundstage from the left side.

The extended queue for the standby line looped around the inside of Soundstage 21.

Inside the house, guests would walk down a long hallway of black curtains while the soundtrack from the Bride of Frankenstein played.

After reaching the end of the hallway, guests would enter another hall which had a giant brick wall on one side. Peeking through the bricks, guests could see the destruction of Frankenstein's Castle from the ending of Bride of Frankenstein.

Guests would then encounter the facade, which was the burning ruins of Frankenstein's Castle. As they entered, they could smell the scent of burning wood. Up above, guests could see Frankenstein's Monster crushed under a large piece of wood. The Bride of Frankenstein could be seen mourning the loss of her mate. She would scream in agony as she attempted to lift the piece of wood off of Frankenstein.

Haunted House[edit | edit source]

After entering the crumbling castle, guests enter a small laboratory where Frankenstein's Monster could be seen lying on a table. His corpse was missing an arm, a leg, and part of its torso. Guests could also see the Bride screaming over the corpse while trying to fix it. The Bride's narration in the background lets guests in on the story: After the explosion of the castle, the Bride realized that she actually loved Frankenstein. After his death, she decided to study Dr. Frankenstein's lab notes and books to find a way to bring Frankenstein back to life. This backstory is also reflected in the Bride's design after this point, as she now wore Dr. Frankenstein's lab coat and goggles.

Entering the next room, guests would see the silhouette of the Bride behind a curtain made of stitched skin. Her shadow could be seen gathering various body parts. Frankenstein's corpse could also be seen in this room, now with his arm, leg, and torso healed. The Bride of Frankenstein's Assistant jumps out on the left, telling guests that they should not disturb the Bride during her work. After this, the Bride of Frankenstein learns that the vampiric blood of Dracula's Brides could bring dead people back to life.

Entering the dungeon of the castle, guests would see one of Dracula's Brides eating some body parts. The Assistant would then open a door and yell at guests to leave. The next scene featured another laboratory. The corpse of Frankenstein's Monster could be seen on a rack. One of Dracula's Brides could also be seen with her arms trapped in a contraption. The Bride of Frankenstein would pull a switch, making clamps on the device dig into the Bride of Dracula's arms. This caused blood to be extracted from the Bride of Dracula. Tubes from the device would carry the blood into the Monster's corpse.

Entering the castle's dungeon again, guests would encounter many of Dracula's Brides trapped behind prison cells. It is revealed that the Bride has been feeding the Brides of Dracula meat in order to harvest their blood. In front of guests, one of the Brides of Dracula could be seen in a cell. She would then open the door and scream at guests. Another Bride of Dracula jumped out from behind a jail cell. There was also a small crate with someone inside saying "Help Me!". Turning a corner, guests would encounter one of the Brides of Dracula flying towards them and swiping at them. Another one of Dracula's Brides scares guests from a hole in the wall.

The next couple of rooms featured rows of coffins with the Brides of Dracula that have been drained of their blood. In the first hall, one of Dracula's Brides jumps out next to a coffin on the right. In the second hall, another Bride of Dracula jumps out from inside a coffin on the left. Making a right turn, guests would encounter the Bride's Assistant, who could be seen fighting one of Dracula's Brides with a stake.

Turning another corner, guests learn that the Bride has been using the body parts from the villagers to keep decay from taking over the Monster's body. A Bandaged Villager jumps out on the left while another one of Dracula's Brides jumps out on the right. Going down another corridor, guests could see many bodies encased in glass boxes, one of which was Gill-Man. Another Bandaged Villager jumps out on the left. Going into another corridor, guests would be attacked from all sides by three different Brides of Dracula. There was also a drop door on the left that would reveal another Bride of Dracula.

Entering the next room, guests could see the projection of the Bride of Frankenstein wheeling the body of Frankenstein away to conduct one final experiment. Three Brides could also be seen chasing her. As they entered the final lab room, guests would see that it was surrounded by the Brides of Dracula. While fighting off one of the Brides, the Bride of Frankenstein pulls a switch that sends volts of electricity into the Monster. The Monster would then jump off of his table and roar at guests.

The final rooms took guests through a hallway, where the severed heads of the Brides of Dracula could be seen on stakes above. At the very end, The Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Monster attacked guests together from both sides.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "We belong dead!" (Frankenstein's Monster)
  • "NOOOOOOOOOO!" (Bride of Frankenstein)
  • "DEEEEEEEEEEAD!" (Bride of Frankenstein)
  • "Nothing more than a feral thing protecting that which is most precious. And yet, I grew. I learned." (Bride of Frankenstein/ Narration)
  • "I struggled to find the answer that was maddeningly beyond my grasp. I learned what I could to bring him back to me! Could it be the blood?" (Bride of Frankenstein/ Narration)
  • "You mustn't disturb the master!" (The Bride's Assistant)
  • "Be gone!" (The Bride's Assistant)
  • "NOOOOOOOO! I swear, I shall bring you back to life!" (Bride of Frankenstein)
  • "The blood is life!" (Bride of Frankenstein)
  • "They must devour, so that he may yet live!" (Bride of Frankenstein/ Narration)
  • "Help me!" (The person in the Dungeon)
  • "Now, drained of their strength, these miserable creatures hold no more danger to me." (Bride of Frankenstein/ Narration)
  • "You foul thing!" (The Bride's Assistant)
  • "I harvested materials from the villagers, and used them to keep the decay from taking over his body." (Bride of Frankenstein/ Narration)
  • "Fearing for our lives, I hurried my beloved towards one final experiment!" (Bride of Frankenstein/ Narration)
  • "You shall not stop me demons! You shall not have him! You! Belong! Alive!" (Bride of Frankenstein)
  • "The mate will have her monster, and the monster her mate." (Bride of Frankenstein)

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A couple of things in this house were reused from Gothic:
    • The windows from the candle scene and various other scenes in Gothic were reused for the lab scenes.
    • The window from the facade of Gothic was reused in the final lab scene.
  • Some of the Bride's screams and Frankenstein's roars were reused from the previous Universal Monsters house.
  • According to Charles Gray, the Bride's Assistant was originally going to be in only one room. Later, they added her into other scenes to let her have more to do in the house.
  • Larry Talbot's cane from The Wolfman could be seen in the blood draining room.
  • One of the prop bodies in the Coffin room is reused from Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch.
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