"Two legends of horror...brought together in a reign of terror."
Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction

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Universal Monsters: Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Metro Lot
Year 2019
Housed in Metro Sets
Based on Universal Classic Monsters
Preceded By Universal Monsters: Music by Slash (2018)

Universal Monsters: Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man was one of the ten haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Hollywood). It was located in the Metro Sets.

Description[edit | edit source]

Despite what your parents told you at bed time…monsters are real… and they never die! Frankenstein. The Wolf Man. The two most iconic Universal Monsters of all time are back and ready to deliver an unforgettable and horrifying new live experience.

With Frankenstein on the loose, he wanders into the woods where he finds himself face to face with Wolf Man in unwelcome territory. In the middle of a cemetery, the two monsters go neck in neck in a bloodbath battle. The monsters are back and terrifying as ever.

Experience[edit | edit source]

Facade[edit | edit source]

The facade was a gypsy tent with a full moon above and two wagons with lanterns on them, along with tree branches, barrels, and a fireplace with red lighting underneath it. On the left side of the gypsy tent was a Pepper's Ghost effect showing Frankenstein's Monster appearing and then disappearing. The audio was a song done by Slash. Guests would then enter an opening on the right side of the tent.

Haunted Maze[edit | edit source]

As guests passed through the facade, they walked down a short hallway with beads hanging down and saw The Wolfman in the far left corner of the room on a chair in mid transformation. The audio would have him screaming as he changed. The room with lit with many candles and lanterns. It also had the corpses of Maleva and Bela the Gypsies who were both murdered by the Wolfman. There were also cards on a table that had the words "Death" and "Fate". Guests would then walk past the transforming Wolfman to exit the gypsy tent.

Guests would then walk in between gypsy tents where a fully transformed Wolfman would pop out from above inside a tent with a yellow light inside. They would then walk down to see a shadow projection of Frankenstein's Monster trying to fight off the Villagers that are hunting him. A Wolfman Victim would then pop out before guests enter the Blacksmith's Tent.

Guests would see a Blacksmith with a claw mark on their face searching for the Wolfman with a Blunderbuss. The scene was lit by a singular lantern so guests could see the Blacksmith's shadow as he searched. As guests continued past the Blacksmith, The Wolfman would pop out and the Blacksmith would shoot the Wolfman twice. Before exiting the Blacksmith's Tent, Frankenstein's Monster would jump out with a club.

Guests would find themselves in a graveyard where the audio was "Monsters, Maniacs, and Madmen" and Igor's horn. They would walk down a hallway where lightning flashed. On the left side of the hallway was the Talbot Crypt and in front was Frankenstein's Crypt with torches on the sides. Igor stood on top with a horn attracting Frankenstein's Monster. The Wolfman would then pop out and Frankenstein would hit his trigger. Guests would then enter Frankenstein's Crypt.

Inside Frankenstein's Crypt was a short hallway. Guests would go through curtains and see Living Corpses and windows with branches behind it while lightning flashed outside. The audio was a choral piece done by Slash. Guests would then go past another set of curtains where there was a double scare: The Wolfman on the left and Frankenstein's Monster on the right. Guests would go past another set of curtains and then down a black hallway.

Guests would then find themselves underneath Frankenstein's Crypt on their way to Frankenstein's Castle. There was a skeleton on the wall on the left chained up to the wall. There was a sign that said "1818 Frankenstein" "Mors Vincit Omnia" in front. The section was lit by candles that were flickering slowly on and off as guests walked past three sets of Dr Frankenstein’s Failed Experiments. These scareactors pretended to be mannequins until the moment was right for them to jump out. Guests would then exit the Crypt.

Guests would find themselves inside Frankenstein's Study where fog and red lighting revealed it was on fire. Candles in the scene flashed on and off. There were tall windows on the right where flashes of lightning could be seen. There was also full moon on the far left tall window and a tree branch behind it. The Wolfman would hit the window and then pull it back and scare guests from an elevated platform. Before exiting the study, Frankenstein's Monster would pull back a wall panel to scare guests.

Guests would then enter Frankenstein's Laboratory where Henry Frankenstein could be seen dead on a turbine with flashes of electricity coming out of it. Guests would then walk down a hallway where The Wolfman was tied on a gurney on the right and Frankenstein's Monster would be tied on a gurney on the left. Both would jump off of the gurneys to scare guests walking by. Guests would then see Igor popping out from behind a corner on the right with a hammer as he is tries to repair the laboratory and The Bride of Frankenstein who was on a table badly burned and scattered in pieces screaming. The audio in this scene was also "Monsters, Maniacs, and Madmen". Before exiting the scene, guests would see barrels with skeletons inside them. Guests would then enter a black hallway.

The next scene took place in the frozen cellar as Frankenstein's Monster popped out at guests from ahead trying to keep himself warm. Guests would then walk down the a frozen hallway where they see blood on the walls. They would then find themselves between The Wolfman on the left and Frankenstein's Monster on the right who were both frozen. Occasionally they would thaw out and attack guests. The audio in this section was also "Monsters, Maniacs, and Madmen". Guests would then exit the frozen cellars.

Guests would find themselves entering the vault through a vault door. There was a projector playing the trailer for Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman and there were posters of other Universal Classic Monster films. The Wolfman would pop out from behind a Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman poster and then Frankenstein's Monster would jump out through the Projector.

Guests would exit the vault and go through a small series of black hallways with "The Last Scare" by Slash playing before exiting the maze.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.” - Maleva the Gypsy
  • "Beware the dark night my children for the air is full of monsters. One born by beast, one born by man." - Maleva the Gypsy
  • "There is no peace for the dead and the damned. They are forced to wander as we wander. Cursed for all eternity. Living but deprived of life. For there is no salvation for the damned...and the dead can never die." - Maleva the Gypsy
  • "Whoever is bitten by a werewolf and lives, becomes a werewolf himself" - Maleva the Gypsy
  • "Go now and Heaven help you" - Maleva the Gypsy
  • "A werewolf can only be killed with a silver bullet" - Maleva the Gypsy
  • "We're all dead here." - Igor
  • "In the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!" - Henry Frankenstein
  • "This is best for dead" - Igor
  • "The Dead can never die" - Maleva the Gypsy

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Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Universal Monsters, many things from this maze were reused from previous mazes:
  • Murdy has stated this house takes place right after the Universal Monsters: Music by Slash maze from the year before ended.
  • The maze is loosely based on the film of the same name.
  • Murdy has said that this maze is the next evolution of Halloween Horror Nights' reinvention of The Universal Classic Monsters, allowing them to be reborn into a truly terrifying way for the 21st Century.
  • The facade of the maze is the gypsy camp. Murdy said this was a deleted scene that was going to be featured in the previous house.
  • This maze has similar vs. elements as Freddy vs. Jason (Hollywood) & AVP: Alien vs. Predator (Hollywood).
  • With this maze, Murdy had said he saw Universal Monsters: Music by Slash as like "The Avengers" movie and now wanted to spin them off in their own mazes but in pairs.
  • Murdy has said the writing for this maze was fun but challenging at the same time.
  • This is a maze between an original and IP, doing an original take from the inspired film.
  • The Wolfman had only made a brief appearance in Universal Monsters (Hollywood), but in this house he and Frankenstein's Monster take center stage.
  • There is an elaborate Wolfman mid-transformation scene done with prosthetic makeup.
  • Murdy loves the transformation scene in the fortune teller’s tent. This is done with one of the most elaborate and time consuming prosthetic make ups they've ever done. Something like 90 minutes in the make up chair but they thought it was so worth it.
  • In the Underground Crypt the words written on the wall "Mors Vincit Omnia" means "Death Conquers All!"
  • In the Gypsy with the Blunderbuss scene, Frankenstein's Monster pops out with a huge club that he had in Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.
  • When The Wolfman popped out of the poster in the Vault Room at the end of the maze, his sound trigger was Frankenstein's scream.
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