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Universal Monsters
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 29
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone
Year 2019
Housed in Second Parade Warehouse
Based on Universal Classic Monsters

Preceded By

Universal's House of Horrors (2012)
Followed By Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives (2020)

Universal Monsters was one of the ten haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 29. It was located in the Second Parade Warehouse.

History and Location[]

On April 29th, 2019, Universal announced that a haunted house based on the Universal Classic Monsters would be coming to their Halloween Horror Nights event that year, due to the popularity of the maze with the same concept in Hollywood the year before. The codename for this house was "Onyx", a stone that comes in both black and white colors.

The house would be located in The Second Parade Warehouse, a large building built to store any excess parade floats that can't fit in the First Parade Warehouse.

In 2020, a sequel to this house would be featured as a part of "Universal's Halloween Offerings". The house would be called Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives and would pick up where this house ended (with the destruction of Dr. Frankenstein's lab). The house would also return in 2021 for Halloween Horror Nights 30.


Frankenstein. Dracula. The Wolfman. The world’s most terrifying monsters have come together to tear you apart. It’s the more, the scarier.


Frankenstein. Dracula. The Wolfman. The world's most terrifying monsters have come together to tear you apart. Flee through a dark Bavarian forest as the howls of the savage Wolfman grow ever closer.

Try to escape from the manmade monster within Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Face the fanged terrors in Dracula's castle. From the vicious Creature of The Black Lagoon to the ancient evil of the Mummy to other untold horrors, it's the more, the scarier.



Queue and Facade[]

The queue entered from the outside of the entrance for A Day in the Park with Barney. You would walk through the pre-show area for Barney and exit out the back. You would then go along a road that wraps around the pavilion that contains some parade floats. You then go around the back of the pavilion which leads you to the front of the Second Parade Warehouse. Painted on the wall of the Second Parade Warehouse was a giant painting that showed the logo of the house. At night, projections would play on the side of the building depicting some of the various Universal Monsters depicted in the house. Guests would then go around to the door and into the house.


Entering the house, guests would be greeted with statues of the Universal Monsters (each bearing the likeness of their original actors) outside of a large stone building in the middle of a forest as rain pours down. The statues included Gill-Man (whose statue consists of only his hands), Quasimodo, The Mummy, Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Erik, and The Bride of Frankenstein. Guests would notice an empty pedestal, before entering the stone building with the word "TALBOT" carved in it. Inside the building, guests would be blinded by a spinning blue light as they would get attacked by the statue of The Wolfman (the missing statue) on an elevated platform to the right. Next to the "statue" the silhouette of The Wolfman transforming can be seen. Further through the Wolfman room, guests would be attacked by the Wolfman, who would leap at guests through a hole in the wall as The Hunter shoots it. Going further down the crypts, another Wolfman would attack guests.

After that, guests would enter the Hunchback of Notre Damne scene, where they would be transported into the belltower of the Notre Dame Cathedral, with the corpse of Count Frollo above in the rafters. The room was filled with ropes and bells, with a giant pit at the middle. A Gargoyle statue would attack guests, while further down the room, Quasimodo would jump down from the rope before getting pulled back up (a scare working about half of the time). Guests would then enter The Creature From the Black Lagoon scene, where guests would find themselves underwater with seaweed hanging from the ceiling. Above, guests could see a boat, some lily pads, and a swimmer, and through a hole in the wall, guests could see an alligator. Three Gill-Men would attack from various places in this room.

Next, guests would go into Dracula’s castle where they would immediately be greeted with walls with coffins n them. One of Dracula's Brides jumps out of the coffins, as guests could hear Dracula calling them. Dracula himself would then reach out at guests from an elevated platform, before going back and hypnotizing a woman to become his next bride. Guests would then walk into a large room filled with various flying brides hanging above, as two of them attack guests. At the end of the scene, guests would be attacked by one final bride coming out of a coffin before entering the next scene. The scene feature two large stone feet, with hieroglyphics around the walls. Guests would hear demonic incantations, before being blast with air and having thunder strike. The following room had two Mummy's attacking from either side, with hieroglyphics covering the walls.

After that guests would enter The Phantom of the Opera scene. Guests would be startled, as the wall in front of them disappears to reveal the Phantom himself. Further through the scene, guests would be transported into a mirror maze, where three Phantoms would attack guests as organs blasted each time one popped out. The last room of the movie featured a fallen chandelier spewing electricity. The final movie of the house was The Bride of Frankenstein, where Dr. Frankenstein can be seen being electrocuted on a table while Frankenstein's Monster re-enacts the "we belong dead" scene from the movie while flipping a switch. The Bride of Frankenstein then jumps out from a hole in the wall, as guests walk further through the lab. Near the end of the scene, guests could see the hanging corpse of Fritz as another Frankenstein attacks from across. Guests would then enter the final room (with an unknown theme), where The Wolfman, Dracula, and the Bride of Frankenstein would all jump out. However, before they exit the house, one final Frankenstein would jump out from behind some black curtains, causing guests to run out of the house.



  • Devour Them! - Count Dracula
  • Feast your eyes on my accursed ugliness! - Erik
  • Release me, creature! - Dr. Victor Henry Frankenstein
  • "WE BELONG DEAD! - Frankenstein's Monster

Sound Effects[]

Wolfman Statue's Sound Effect

The Hunter's Gun sound Effect

The Wolfman's Howl

Dracula Bride's Shriek Effect

Kharis's Roar

Bride of Frankenstein's Scream





  • Halloween Horror Nights designers always face the challenge of designing "entrance facades" without the use of specialty lighting and projection, due to the event operating at dusk. This haunted house combines a practical artistic rendering of the three monsters that can be seen during the day, then are joined by video projection at night.
  • Patrick Braillard's favorite sequence in this house is the Mummy [1].
  • The key art and logo was created by Crash McCreary. He's one of the artists who designed stuff for the Dark Universe for Universal Pictures.
  • The beginning of the maze was designed to have statues of the Universal Monsters in their classic forms before they become the designers new version.
  • Show Director Patrick Braillard wanted to create "living transitions" within this haunted house, allowing for living crossfades between environments as if inside a film.
    • The Wolfman is the only statue missing from the opening scene. You can see scratch marks on the facade and you enter the Talbot Crypt.
    • Victor Hugo's name is seen on a crypt for Hunchback of Notre Dame at the end of the Wolfman section.
    • There is Gargoyle with a Patina on it at the end of the Hunchback of Notre Dame scene. Patina is caused by oxidation for a long period of time so it suggests guests are going underwater.
    • There are underwater coffins that have been punched out at the end of the Creature section.
    • On the last coffins in the Dracula section there is a Hieroglyphic symbol on the coffin.
    • You go from sandstone at the end of the Mummy section to onyx and scarabs in the wallpaper of the Paris Opera House.
    • The Chandelier crashing through the stage deck with strobes and electricity popping at the end of the Phantom section led into Frankenstein's Laboratory.
  • One of the sound triggers for the The Wolfman was the same as the ones used for The Wolfman (Haunted House).
  • The ropes in the Notre Dame Cathedral scene were interactive and could be pulled. They didn't do anything, but they enhanced the idea that guests were in a Bell Tower.
  • The bells sound playing in the Hunchback of Notre Dame scene are recordings of the actual bells of Notre Dame ringing.
  • A Gargoyle with a costume from the Gothic haunted house appeared in The Hunchback of Notre Dame scene.
  • One of the Gargoyle statues from Ghostbusters appeared in The Hunchback of Notre Dame scene.
  • Above the Creature of The Black Lagoon scene was a woman above guests floating on the water face down and a boat.
  • There was an alligator prop from Dead Waters in the back of the Gill-Man scene.
  • The idea behind Dracula's Crypt scene was that Dracula locked his Brides in coffins on their transition night and their blood lust would force them to break out much like a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon. Dracula created a room with spikes all over the place and dropped victims into the room so they can feed.
  • Multiple scenes in the house reused scenic from previous houses.
  • The Mummy section had a hidden Sarcophagus that was used in the Revenge of the Mummy's queue.
  • The Phantom scene looks exactly the same as some of what is underneath the stage inside the Paris Opera House, from the archways and standard pieces.
  • The Frankenstein Monster's mask used in this haunted house is a favorite of many members of the Halloween Horror Nights Design Team.
  • The ending is the Underpinnings of the Castle with steel beams holding the place up. The scene is the lowest ceiling-wise they were able to legally allowed to lower it to.


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