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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
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Universal's New House of Horrors
Attraction type

Haunted House

Event Halloween Horror Nights VI
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 1996
Housed in Soundstage 22
Based on Original
Preceded By Universal's House of Horror (1995)
Followed By Universal's Museum of Horror (1997)

Universal's New House of Horrors was one of the three haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights VI. It was located in Soundstage 22.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

Like the previous year, Universal put a haunted house inside Soundstage 22 for their Halloween Horror Nights event in 1996. Soundstage 22 is one of the smaller soundstage facilities designed to be used as filming locations for movies and television shows. This time, the house would be called Universal's New House of Horrors.

Like the previous house, the haunted house was split into two. However, instead of both sides being themed to the Universal Classic Monsters, one side was themed to having the Universal Classic Monsters and the other side was based on real life horror stories (although some sources say a few modern monsters were in there too).

Universal would go on to have similar houses to this one until 2001, with the next one being Universal's Museum of Horror in 1997.

Description[edit | edit source]

Visit this most uncommon wax museum where a lightning strike has had an electrifying effect on two new exhibits, "Universal Classic Monsters" and "Real Life Horrors".

Story[edit | edit source]

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The story of this house was that during the construction of a wax museum, lightning struck the building and brought the wax sculptures from two exhibits to life. The two exhibits were "Universal Classic Monsters" and "Reel Life Horrors".

Experience[edit | edit source]

Like many pre-2000 houses, not much is known about the contents of this house. However, it is known from concept art that one room the guests traveled through was the Borden bedroom, with the mutilated corpses of Lizzie Borden's parents. As the guests left the room, Borden herself would burst out of a closet wielding a bloody axe. A Jack the Ripper room was also featured in the "real life horrors" house. In the real-life monsters side, there were also allegedly appearances from Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers.

Another room was an ancient Egyptian tomb, with two men uncovering a sarcophagus containing a mummy.

The Classic Monsters side was reportedly the exact same as the one from the previous year. One of the final rooms contained a dipping room, where "guests go to feel what it is like to become a wax statue".

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