Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Town Square of Tortured Souls
Attraction type Show
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Port of Entry
Year 2002
Housed in Port of Entry
Based on Original

Town Square of Tortured Souls was one of the four shows that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear. It was located in the Port of Entry. This is considered a show because The Caretaker's minions would torture people on stages at various times.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hide your eyes and cover your ears as the shrieking victims of electric chairs, iron maidens and other torture devices set the mood for what's to come...

Experience[edit | edit source]

A tall Caretaker would mingle with guests as they traversed through scenes of torture. A guy was being hung on an electric chair and a girl was being put through the Iron Maiden.

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