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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 30
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2021
Housed in Soundstage 23
Based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Preceded By The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2016)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the ten haunted houses that were featured at Halloween Horror Nights 30. It was located in Soundstage 23 and was based on the film series of the same name. It took place in 1978, between the first and second movies.

History and Location[]

For their 30th Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal wanted to create a haunted house based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise. After Halloween Horror Nights was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal postponed the opening of this haunted house until the following year.

On July 15th, 2021, Universal announced that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights that year. The house would be relatively unchanged from it's original plan in 2020. The Codename for this House was "Griddle", a reference to what you use to cook Meat on.

The house would be located in Soundstage 23. The house was the first house to be built in Soundstage 23 since The Thing and Nightingales: Blood Prey in 2011. Soundstage 23 is one of the larger soundstage facilities designed to be used as filming locations for movies and television shows.


Step into the dilapidated Texas home of the depraved, sadistic Sawyer family who welcome you with razor-sharp blades and a roaring chainsaw.

You’ve seen the 1974 horror classic. Now It’s your turn to experience it for yourself. Enter the dilapidated Sawyer house and meet Leatherface and his demented family of merciless butchers. Will you make it out in one piece? Or in pieces?

  • Step right inside the story experiencing every nightmarish moment for yourself.
  • Explore every familiar room of the Sawyer home, from the parlor to the blood-splattered kitchen.
  • You’ll face carving knives. Meat cleavers. Meat hooks. And of course, that roaring, slicing, flesh-ripping chainsaw.


Queue and Facade[]

Guests entered the line through the Jimmy Fallon ride queue. Guests would walk down the hallway with the history of the NBC logo before reaching the area where the regular and express lines split. Guests would then make their way to the left side of Soundstage 24 where the queue would loop a few times. They would then turn left to go behind Soundstage 23. The queue loops one last time as guests enter the soundstage from the back.

Entering the soundstage, guests found themselves in front of the Sawyer Gas Station. They would wind their way around the gas pumps and go across the front of the station. The scent of barbecue filled the air as they proceeded. Before they turn to enter the building, Leatherface would run at guests from behind a fence on the left wielding his chainsaw. Guests would then enter the station around the back.

Haunted House[]

Inside the backroom of the gas station, guests would find various body parts strewn about the kitchen, including a hand in a meat grinder. They would be startled by Drayton Sawyer holding a broomstick on the left. Continuing into the gas station, guests would be startled by Leatherface jumping out from behind a door preparing to throw a bowl with a human liver in it at guests.

Guests walked through an outdoors section lined with fences. A dead pig could be seen lying on the floor on guests' left. As they wound their way through the fences, guests would encounter pig body parts strewn about. They would also be attacked by two pig heads being used as puppets by the Sawyers, one on the left and one on the right. Appropriately, the smell of rotting carcasses was present through this area. At the end of this section, Leatherface would attack guests from behind a low fence on the left, performing a shortened version of the ballet from the end of the first movie, spinning and swinging his chainsaw at guests.

Guests then found themselves inside a hallway of the Sawyer Family's Home. On their right Leatherface could be seen behind a trio of windows. He would drag his chainsaw across the back of the window creating sparks. At the final window, he would slam his hand on the pane to startle guests as a crashing sound played. This also served as a distraction for guests, as Chop Top Sawyer would jump out from behind a door at guests on the left.

Now entering the foyer of the house, guests would encounter Leatherface jumping out of a doorway directly in front of guests to the left of the stair case. Next, guests would enter the room behind the sliding metal door to find themselves in a red room with animal skulls on the wall. Leatherface would attack guests from a chainsaw from behind a metal door. Guests then enter another room with body parts and skeleton parts scattered around the room. Drayton Sawyer could be seen behind a table offering a plate of meat to guests. This served as a distraction, as the corpse of Nubbins Sawyer (which was on the wall opposite of Drayton) would suddenly reach out at guests as they passed by.

After that, guests found themselves inside Leatherface's bedroom where animal pelts were hung up and bones were strewn about. There was also a desk with sewing material on it. Leatherface would attack guests from behind as they moved onto the next room. The next scene was Chop Top's room, which was was lit with a UV light and was covered with neon paint and trippy posters. Chop Top would attack guests on the left while Leatherface would attack guests on the right. Grandpa Sawyer could also be seen sitting in a corner in this room.

Continuing further through the house, guests would find themselves in a bathroom where Leatherface could be seen attacking them next to the bathtub. Going into the next room, guests would be startled as Leatherface runs at guests from behind a door in front of them carrying the corpse of Nubbins and wielding a chainsaw. Next, guests would enter the living room, which had flickering lights and bones scattered everywhere. Chop Top would jump out from behind a shelf wielding a knife.

Guests then found themselves back outside, where they passed by the garage of the house. A car in the garage would honk its horn at guests as Leatherface ran at them with a chainsaw. Going down one final corridor surrounded by fences and junk, guests would be attacked by Leatherface on the right. They would then walk past the corpse of Franklin Hardesty on the left. Before guests exited the maze, they would see one final metal face grinding his chainsaw against a metal grate to create sparks. He would then jump out from a hole next to the grate as another Leatherface jumped out at guests across from them. Guests would then exit the maze and go back into the park.







  • According to Charles Gray, this house took place between The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  • According to the Tour Guides this house took place in 1978, four years after the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1].
  • They wanted to make it different from the 26 Version but keep the spirit of the Original Film.
  • The gas pumps used in the facade were originally from the JAWS ride [2]. These gas pumps were Hess-brand, due to the fact that there used to be a Hess gas station at Universal Studios Orlando.
  • The Creative Team is superstitious so one of the Gas Station Pumps says 667 instead of 666.
  • There is a Gas Pump at the Facade that says 29 9/10 which is a reference to Halloween Horror Nights Lite.
  • Originally there was Missing Dog Posters on a Pole in the Facade which were the Decor Team's Dogs but people tore them down Opening Weekend.
  • In the facade, right after the gas pumps, there was an armadillo, a reference to an ongoing gag between the creative team where they hide an armadillo in a house every year [3].
  • The Ice Cream Kart in the Facade is from Vamp '55.
  • In the 1974 Film Leatherface only wore the Old Woman Mask when he was cooking. In both Hollywood's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law and Orlando's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Houses they used the Old Woman Mask incorrectly with Leatherface popping out with a Chainsaw. In this House he pops out with it on in the Gas Station but pops out while cooking.
  • In the Backroom of the Gas Station there is a Photo of Grandpa Sawyer hanging.
  • Below the Photo of Grandpa Sawyer in the Backroom of the Gas Station is a Hand Written Recipe from the Real Life Sawyer House Restaurant.
  • The Sound Effect that plays as you are leaving the Gas Station is the same one that plays in the 1974 Film when Leatherface slams the Steel Door. [4].
  • The Hogs in the Hog Scene are from the SAW Houses.
  • There is a Purse in the Hog Scene that is a reference to Sally Hardesty. The only one that got away.
  • There is a Hatchet in the Hog Scene that is from The Shining House.
  • In the Hog Scene there is a "Do this Bubba!" List next to a Chainsaw. Describing to Leatherface how to start the Chainsaw. This List was on the website for Halloween Horror Nights: Carnival of Carnage as a Hint to the 2007 House, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Flesh Wounds.
  • In the Foyer of the Sawyer House the Animal Fur and Tarp are from Yeti: Terror of the Yukon.
  • Before the Sitting Room there is a Boarded Up Wall which is a reference to Sally Hardesty jumping out the window.
  • Originally there was a Leatherface that popped out on the left instead of up front in the Hallway before the Living Room scene.
  • In the Garage scene there is a Sign that says "Come Back with a Warrant!" which is a reference to Police and Captain Maldonado investigating them.
  • The "No Visitors Beyond This Point" sign from Hellgate Prison was reused in the room right after the living room scene.
  • There is a "Hog Food" Bag in the Garage Scene.
  • The Cars are from Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces.
  • Each House in 2021 had a Hidden Butterfly. This House had several with a Picture of a Dog looking a Butterfly in the Sitting Room, a Butterfly in Choptop's Room, and Iron Butterfly playing in Choptop's Room.


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