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The exterior of the Horizon's facility

The Horizon is a beautiful place where people are free from hunger, thirst, pain and sadness. Where people can run free and play. Too bad it is all a lie. The truth is the Horizon is really a facade created by the people of New Yorkshire to lure strangers into the city and are given an aptitude test, administered by Lady Luck in disguise, to see if they are worthy to be a citizen of the Horizon including three questions that ask for that person's weight, height and how much water they "yield". Those who pass go to the Horizon, but those who fail are suspended from New Yorkshire. Those who passed are escorted to a holding pen where people become livestock until they reach their 30th birthday. Then they are escorted to the deeper parts of the Horizon, leading to an extraction facility where they are harvested of their body fluids which is used to power the steam-driven town of New Yorkshire. There are those who are somehow aware of the truth escape from the Horizon. Some manage to get out alive, while some are captured by the Elite, the Horizon's chainsaw-wielding guards, and are taken forcibly to the extraction facility. Those who do survive spread the truth about the Horizon, though there are some who do not believe them.


In this alternate universe, huge chasms open up in the Earth, exposing the world to the core's heat. This results in a majority of the world's oceans, lakes and rivers to either evaporate, or fall into the Earth's core, cooling it down and forming a spring even larger than the Pacific Ocean around it. Water becomes more valuable than gold, and everyone begins to do what ever they can do to obtain it, such as mining for the water in the core's spring, resulting in Earth becoming a steam-driven world. In the town of New Yorkshire however, its people found another way to obtain water. At first they started with draining plants of their water, then began killing off animals and its own citizens, liquidizing their bodies to power their steam-driven machinery, but soon began to use advertisements of a "Utopia" promising happiness to outsiders. And the one who administers the aptitude test is Lady Luck in disguise.


The idea of people being escorted to die at a certain age seems to come from the movie Logan's Run and the idea of using people for an energy source and food also seems to come from Soylent Green.

The Horizon concept and poster art recalls images of the Bioshock series and its fictional utopia, Rapture.

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