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The Haunting of Hill House
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 30
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone
Year 2021
Housed in Second Parade Warehouse
Based on The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

The Haunting of Hill House (a.k.a Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House) was one of the ten haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 30. It was based on the Netflix show of the same name and was located in the Second Parade Warehouse.

History and Location[]

For their 30th Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal wanted to create a haunted house based on the Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House. After Halloween Horror Nights was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal postponed the opening of this haunted house until the following year.

On July 8th, 2021, Universal announced that The Haunting of Hill House would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights that year. The house would be relatively unchanged from it's original plan in 2020. The Codename for this House was "Freezer".

The house would be located in The Second Parade Warehouse, a large building built to store any excess parade floats that can't fit in the First Parade Warehouse.


Welcome to Hill House, a structure more alive than its ghostly inhabitants. Inside these walls echo the haunted footsteps of those trapped here for all time.

It stands like a brooding creature, waiting for its victims. Enter the decaying remains of an aging mansion that lives – even if all who dwell there are long dead. Step right into Netflix’s supernatural masterpiece, The Haunting of Hill House.

  • Each unsettling room, each darkened hallway, takes you deeper and deeper into your worst nightmares.
  • Come face-to-face with The Tall Man, The Bent-Neck Lady, The Ghost in the Basement and more.
  • Enter the Red Room and you may find yourself spending all of eternity listening to the sound of your own screams.


Queue and Facade[]

The queue entered from the outside of the entrance for A Day in the Park with Barney. Guests would walk through the pre-show area for Barney and exit out the back. They would then go along a road that goes along the pavilion that contains some parade floats. Going along the side of the Parade Warehouse, guests would round a corner and see a giant picture of the Hill House house logo painted on the side of the Warehouse. Various clips from the show would be projected on the Parade Warehouse.

Haunted House[]

Inside the House was a Brick Wall with Hill House written on it with Hell subtlety over it. Guests would approach the Hill House Facade which would switch from normal lighting to red lighting. Occasionally also showing Abigail in the window. Guests would then enter the House.

Immediately when guests enter Luke would pop out with a flashlight on the right and upahead guests would see the Red Door. Guests would then enter a long hallway where on the right Poppy Hill would pop out from a drop Down panel. On the left was a door with a Doorknob turning and then William Hill would pop out from the left.

Guests would enter a Hallway with Broken Windows and Olivia Crain would pop out from the right. Guests would then see the Clock where the Clock Repair Man would pop out at guests.

Guests would then enter a hallway where the walls would disappear to show Nell being hung. Upahead was the Hill House Library with a Projection of Nell dancing to Heavenly Day before it switches lighting and shows her being hung. Guests would then be scared by the Bent-Neck Lady.

Guests then entered the Kitchen where the Ghost in the Basement would pop out from behind a Calender. Guests would then enter the Hill House Basement where on their left the Ghost in the Basement would pop out again and then up ahead behind a barrel another Ghost in the Basement would crawl to scare guests.

Guests would then enter the Mold Room and see the Skeletal Remains of William Hill where behinds white sheets a Skeletal Corpse would pop out at guests. Guests would continue on to get attacked by another Skeletal Corpse next to a staircase.

Guests would then enter a Black Hallway where a Static Figure of the Bent-Neck Lady hanging over guests would scare them. Guests then entered another Black Hallway with whispering before exiting it and being scared by the Bent-Neck Lady.

Guests would then enter the Hall of Statues where behind a painting is a Scrim Effect of Poppy Hill. A Stilt Walker of William Hill would pop out at guests in front of the Red Door. Guests would continue on past several statues to see another Poppy Hill. They would then witness another Poppy Hill Scare and a Hazel Hill scare.

Guests would enter the Red Room where Olivia Crain would pop out from behind the door with a Tray of Rat Poison. Guests would continue on to see Abigail choking. Guests would then see a Wasp Nest with a Wax Mask coming out at guests to scare them.

Then guests would enter a Hallway with lightning and dark flashes. Theo would pop out at guests and then the Bent-Neck Lady would pop out at guests. Guests would then see a Static Figure of the Wheelchair Ghost.

Guests would enter the Nursery where Leigh Crain would be there with something in her stomach moving. Mr Smiley would then pop out at guests from behind a Bed Post. Guests would then exit the House but be scared by a Stilt Walker William Hill before exiting.




  • "I saw Abigail in the Window!" - Luke Crain
  • "What's happening!? Where's Mom!?" - Shirley Crain
  • "That's not Mom." - Hugh Crain
  • "Olivia! Stay away from the Windows!" - Hugh Crain
  • "Mom are you there? Mom?" - Nell Crain
  • "There's something down here. Come on Theo. Theo!" - Luke Crain
  • "Luke hang on. I'm trying." - Theo Crain
  • "No. No. No. No" - Bent-Neck Lady
  • "Mommy, I'm scared." -Nell Crain
  • "I don't need to hear your excuses!" - Shirley Crain
  • "I'm not making excuses!" - Theo Crain
  • "Bullshit!" - Shirley Crain
  • "He's driving them towards a silver table, he's driving them towards a needle. And those teeth, those teeth that will tear and chew and eat them alive a piece at a time." - Poppy Hill
  • "He wants to take them away from you!" - Poppy Hill
  • "She lies." - Hazel Hill
  • "Just a moment. And then there will be no more pain." - Olivia Crain
  • "What's wrong with her!?" - Nell Crain
  • "It's okay she's having a Nightmare but she's going to wake up." - Olivia Crain
  • "Stop touching me!" - Theo Crain
  • "She's kicking! Oh she's hungry! If she eats me from the inside and I burst like a Blister will you lose your mind? Like your mother!?" - Leigh Crain





  • Abigail appeared in the window of the Hill House facade.
  • In the Entrance of the House the Light flashes 2 times meaning it's time for the Crain Children to come home.
  • The Beginning of the House is jumping back and forth from the Night the Crain Family left to the Night Luke comes back home. Which is why the first Scare inside the House is Poppy Hill when she knocks Luke out. Additionally which is why the Doorknob rattling is present in the first Hallway of the House as well.
  • A photo of the Crane family could be seen on a table on the right as guests made their way to the Red Room.
  • The HHN Team had exact 3D Replicas of the Lion Head Doorknobs printed when Netflix couldn't locate enough for the House.
  • The Drop-Down Bent-Neck Lady was a mixture of old technology and new technology. The Design team wanted to use the classic shaker body, but in a new way. Their solution was to add in a dropping effect.
  • In the kitchen scene, you can hear Theo and Luke’s voices calling to each other down the dumbwaiter. While in the kitchen, Theo’s voice is more pronounced and Luke’s voice quieter. In the basement, it’s reversed. The A&D team used this effect to represent which child appears in which scene.
  • Theo's gloves could be spotted on the blueprint maps of Hill House in the Basement.
  • The Groundplans for the Forever Home could be spotted in the Basement.
  • The Pitch Black Sound Proof Hallway is from Graveyard Games.
  • Originally they were going to have SIF hanging down in the Black Sound Proof Hallways representing the Bent-Neck Lady's Hair hanging down. This was cut due to COVID.
  • The Pitch Black Sound Proof Hallway was to represent that Nell went missing like in Episode 6.
  • The Pitch Black hallway also had various quotes from the show that could be heard in different spots, falling around "like confetti" as Nell mentions in the show.
  • William Hill gets taller in the House as you go through. Goes from Normal Height to Stilts and then Double Stilts.
  • The Red Door is at the Start of the House with you trying to get in but you can't and then you enter the Red Room at the near end of the House which brings the House full circle.
  • The Ending is a representation of the Fears of all of the Crain Children.
  • The Porch Light flashes twice at the end to symbolize that you never really leave Hill House and that Hill House never leaves you.
  • Each House in 2021 had a hidden butterfly, in the Red Room the Butterfly was formed out of the Cracks in the wall.
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