Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
The Fearhouse
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights X
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area New York
Year 2000
Housed in Nazarman's
Based on Original

The Fearhouse was one of the five haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights X. It was located in Nazarman's.

Description Edit

Try and make your way through a carnival where mirrored hallways, darkened corridors and hideous creatures make your escape unlikely.

Welcome to Dr. Rich Oddfellow's carnival of oddities. Looking for a good scare, or just a glimpse into the world of the weird? There's nothing subtle about Dr. Oddfellow's carnival. Join the dark doctor in his Funhouse of thrills and chills. Only the facade of this house is darker and more ominous than expected Expect the Unexpected as you move through the mirrored hallways and through the darkened corridors, trying to find a way out. Only the joke is on you. Dr. Oddfellow needs more exhibits for his traveling tour of torture. You move through the world of reflection, tricked at every opportunity. Low-lying fog prevents you from seeing the floor and lighting effects create an unnatural glow. Scareactors images appear in reflections, then suddenly appear in your face. Utilizing illusion techniques combined with hideously deformed masked Creatures. Dr. Oddfellow gives you an unguided tour of Terror through this Nightmarish reflective world. Your challenge - to find a way out!

Facade Edit

The facade was a door in a long building that says "Thrills The Fearhouse". On that building was a painting of a clowns face with sharp teeth and the door to the building was his mouth.  

House Edit

One room featured a clown swinging on a star from above. Another room had a bunch of Jack in the Boxes with the whispers of children playing through speakers. A giant Strongman and other clowns were also featured.

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Trivia Edit

This may or may not be the first icon house (or the second), depending on whether you count the Cryptkeeper as an icon and according to an admin, Jack was not considered an icon yet supposedly by Michael Aiello.

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