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Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
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The Curse of Pandora's Box
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot
Year 2019
Housed in Tram Warehouse
Based on Original

The Curse of Pandora's Box was one of the ten haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Hollywood). It was located in the Tram Warehouse.

Description[edit | edit source]

Some things are never meant to be opened…sadly for you, someone already has, unleashing unimaginable evil. Welcome to “The Curse of Pandora’s Box” – the living nightmare netherworld of Hades, populated by the most fearsome monsters in Greek Mythology. Prepare for a trip through Hell where the demonic temptress Pandora serves as your guide. Once the box is opened and evil has been released…it can never be closed again!

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This house was different from the other mazes this year as it had a heavy use of UV lighting technology and effects.
  • Being that this was an original maze with Murdy and teams' own version of Pandora imagined as a horror character, they felt that they needed to give her a voice so Murdy actually wrote a series of rhyming couplets to guide you through the experience. This was the first time he's ever written poetry for Halloween Horror Nights.
  • In the original Greek myth, which dates back to at least 700 BC, Pandora is a bit of a passive character, so Murdy and co. re-imagined her a "Scary as Hell Female Horror Villain".
  • Murdy had said the idea for them to make this maze came from Art Director Chris Williams' basic idea that was later fleshed out with John to make the maze happen.
  • The Masks in the Arachnoid Spider People scene are actual masks made by Trick or Treat Studios.
  • The giant Medusa head in this maze was a redesigned version of the giant La Llorona head in La Llorona: Villa de Almas Perdidas. They were originally going to use the snake coil from Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D as a live scareactor with a custom mask, but someone threw the snake away[1].

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