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The Crypt Keeper's Festival of the Dead Parade
Attraction type


Event Halloween Horror Nights VI
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Parade Route
Year 1996
Housed in Parade Route
Based on Original
Followed By Festival of the Dead Parade (1997)

The Crypt Keeper's Festival of the Dead Parade was one of the four shows that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights VI. The parade route went down Hollywood Boulevard, up through the Plaza of the Stars and New York, and ended to the left of Louie's Italian Restaurant. The parade would alternate between Hollywood and New York as the start of the parade.

The parade ran 2-3 times every night and reportedly had five floats. The scareactors threw coins and beads into the crowd.


Five ghoulish floats, an army of Scareactors and a primitive, tribal beat precede the Grand Marshal of the Underworld, the Crypt Keeper, in a procession of nightmarish proportions.


The parade started with the Chainsaw Drill Team. Stiltwalker scareactors were in between each float. One of these was a bare-chested man with a minotaur head and legs. Another was the Lord of Darkness. One float was a women tied down as a sacrifice, and another had a giant snakes head. Fire also blasted on the rooftops that went along with the music. There was a vampire float followed by skeleton stiltwalkers. The next float was a voodoo float followed by stiltwalkers inspired by the cenobites from the Hellraiser movies. Another float was one with a cemetery. There was also a giant zombie float near the end. At the very end of the show, was an undertaker character throwing ashes at guests. The Cryptkeeper was the Grand Marshall of the parade and he was on the final float. He sat in his directors chair with a megaphone in his float.

Another account of the show had The Cryptkeeper on the first float on a throne.


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