Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Coven logo.jpg
The Coven
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2010
Housed in Shrek Alley
Based on Original

The Coven was one of the six scarezones that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear. It was located in Shrek Alley.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

For their 2010 Halloween event, Universal decided to have a scarezone based on a coven of witches seeking revenge on the people who burned the Salem witches at the stake. The scarezone would be called The Coven and would feature both old and young witches.

The scarezone would be located in an area called Shrek Alley, an area of Universal Studios Orlando sandwiched in between the Shrek 4D show and Soundstage 44 (now Transformers: The Ride 3-D).

Description[edit | edit source]

Beware the Cult of the Raven! Enter the witches' realm at your peril, as unbelievers will be condemned to death.

The Cult of the Raven has unsettled spirits, and it's Sirens are screaming throughout the witches' realm. As you creep past their obelisk, beware their spells. For those that don't believe will be condemned to death!

Where there are 5 sacred to the Raven, virtue is with the obelisk, for if you don't believe you will be condemned to death!

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

  • Sirens
  • Witches
  • Guys burning at the stake

Website Pictures[edit | edit source]

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There were three different kinds of witches in the scarezone: The Hags, The Sirens, and the generic witches that you would see in lore and movies with a darker look to them.
  • The scarezone resembles the Salem Witch Trials, but instead of the nonbelievers burning the witches, the witches set fire to the nonbelievers.
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