The Citizens are those unfortunate enough to be a part of the Horizon, a wonderful paradise that is really a front that hides a facility where people are killed and are liquidized to power the town of New Yorkshire's steam-driven machinery. Those who are fooled and want to be a part of the Horizon are given an aptitude test, administered by Lady Luck in disguise, to see if they are worthy to be a citizen of the Horizon including three questions that ask for that person's weight, weight and how much water they "yield". Those who pass go to the Horizon, but those who fail are suspended from New Yorkshire. Those who passed are then escorted to a holding pen where people become livestock until they reach their 30th birthday. Then they are escorted to the deeper parts of the Horizon, leading to a hidden facility where they are harvested of their body fluids which used to power the steam-driven town of New Yorkshire. There is a group of citizens who are known as the Elite. It is they who watch over the facility and decide who lives, dies or becomes another member of the Elite. There are those who are somehow aware of the truth escape from the Horizon. Some manage to get out alive, while some are captured by the Elite and are taken forcibly to the extraction facility. Those who do survive spread the truth about the Horizon, though there are some who do not believe them.

Halloween Horror Nights 21
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