Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Boneyard Layout-0
The Boneyard
Attraction type

Haunted House

Event Halloween Horror Nights IV
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 1994
Housed in The Boneyard
Based on Original

The Boneyard was one of the four haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights IV. It was located in The Boneyard. Outside of The Boneyard was a sign that said "Condemned The Boneyard".

Description Edit

The catacombs of a recently evacuated insane asylum. The Bone Yard is not easy to escape.

History and Location Edit

The Boneyard was an outdoor area of Universal Studios Orlando that was located where the Universal Music Plaza is today. The area used to hold props from various movies, such as JAWS and Back to the Future.

Universal decided to build a structure around The Boneyard area to hold a haunted house for their 1994 Halloween Horror Nights event. The props from The Boneyard were temporarily moved to another area to make space for the house. The house actually had two entrances, leading into two technically different haunted houses. This would be the only time The Boneyard was ever used for a haunted house, as it was never used again for that purpose.

Although this would be the last haunted house located in The Boneyard, there would be a couple of scarezones located in that area. Also, the insane asylum setting would be reused in 1999's Insanity haunted house.

Story Edit

As mentioned in the description, the Boneyard was a recently evacuated insane asylum. The worst of the inmates were left behind, and others made their way back.

Walkthrough Edit

The house had two seperate paths guests could take. Each one offered a different experience. It is unknown what the exact differences between these two paths were. Scareactors portraying the convicts, wearing tattered clothing or straitjackets, would frequently jump out to scare the guests. The guests would walk into one room with inmates tied down on the beds and a malfunctioning light, creating a strobe effect. One inmate would jump of of the bed and give guests a scare. In the house was a machine called The Grinder that ground meat, and concept art reveals that there was a mad scientist doing something to what seems to be a dead body.

One account says that the Insane Asylum theme was used only in one of the two haunted houses. The second theme was said to be more sci-fi, with mad scientists and clowns experimenting on various "patients".

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Dr Jimmys videos

Trivia Edit

  • This house was the first and only house located in The Boneyard.
  • On the 1994 map it incorrectly says that The Boneyard was located in Amity even though it was located in Production Central.
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