Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction

Terror Tram: The Director's Cut

Attraction type Terror Tram

Halloween Horror Nights 2006

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Backlot


Housed in Backlot
Based on Original/Psycho
Preceded By The Terror Tram (1992)
Followed By Terror Tram: Horror Comes Home (2007)

Terror Tram: The Director’s Cut was both The Director's icon attraction and the signature attraction of Halloween Horror Nights 2006 (Hollywood). It was located in the Backlot.

Description[edit | edit source]

This is "Halloween Horror Night's" marquee attraction. It's also where "The Director" is casting for his underground film and where guests will be blind-sided into an open casting call - completely unbeknownst to them. They'll congregate as spectators while "The Director" observes from afar as he systematically selects who'll make the cut...and who won't. Once they disembark the tram and serendipitously stroll down a Zombie infested area, they'll bear witness to unspeakable acts of mayhem. Guests may never be the same again once they experience the Sorority Party massacre, become prey to Killer Clowns and traipse through decaying corpses at the "War of the Worlds" 747 jetliner wreckage site.

Queue[edit | edit source]

Voice clips from The Director/Pavel would be heard as “extras“ walked down the escalator.

Tram[edit | edit source]

Guests made their way to the trams, and the trams would take them on a small detour to a specific part of the Universal Backlot where The Director was casting his underground film. Video monitors displayed details about The Director and the entire event. The Director, also known by Pavel Pranevsky (not Paulo Ravinski, his revised name in Orlando) was granted complete artistic freedom for the movie he was going to shoot for Universal Pictures. However, the disturbed artist already used his power too much: he filmed short films of real torture and death. He escaped security, and now guests are entering a part of the film specifically themed to him. The "extras" must now make their way through the living "horror movie" and survive through Pavel's minions and tests.

"And... ACTION!"

Hacklot[edit | edit source]

Tourists were dropped off on a part of the Backlot and made it to these proceedings as provided by Mr. Pranevsky (all sections had The Director personally put a title on them).

Send in the Clowns (Whoville)

Whoville was covered in blacklit drawings of Clown imagery. Clowns of all ages of time (Punk Clowns, traditional clowns) under the Director's control attacked and mingled with the guests.


Pranevsky's "remake" of Psycho had clones of the undead mother of Norman Bates and Bates himself attack guests with knifes. The infamous Psycho theme played and the real film by Hitchcock could be seen playing on a small TV.

On the path upward (Pavel's title for this is unknown), a zombiefied Butcher was joking around with guests, inviting them to have "fresh meat" that lay on the unmoving trams nearby

What's Cookin, Good Lookin

Bizarrely titled by The Director, a pig masked scareactor with a chainsaw was lumbering around next to a woodsy set of a torture scene. The victim was having her/his face cut off and would complain that guests are recording him/her rather than helping.

This torture scene was situated by the Bates Mansion, where Bates mother would insult her son. Norman was staling his front yard, sometimes taking a photo op with guests if he could.

There Goes The Neighborhood

In the faux finale of Pavel Pranevsky's masterpiece, the War of the Worlds set was slightly refitted for a zombie invasion theme.

Guests then faced off with The Director's chainsaw minions as they made it to the tram.

The Final Cut

But Pavel wasn't finished. Just before the Mummy's tomb (and after the first week), The Director was finally shown in person killing somebody with a wood-chipper. The Director sent into Imhotep's sandstorm, where on the monitors, he displayed shots of himself interspersed with scenes from his favorite horror films. For the "final Cut", the Director somehow managed to "chainsaw" the guests (in reality they used a water effect). Those who did make the Cut can now enjoy the rest of the time in Pavelland.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

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Triviah[edit | edit source]

  • moving trams were the original trams from the early era of the Studio Tour.
  • This was the only attraction at Halloween Horror Nights 2006 (Hollywood) where the Director actually appeared.
  • The guests walked on the same path that the tram drove on.[1]
  • The Terror Tram sparked the creation of the "Log Bunny", an inanimate piece of wood found by John Murdy and his crew one day. The log was found on a hill behind the Bates Motel set. The team took him into the Backlot rest area, where they put a set of devil ears on it. After the devil ears mysteriously disappeared, they put a set of bunny ears on it. Every night, Murdy and the team would place Log Bunny in different areas of the Terror Tram. Eventually, Log Bunny became a fan-favorite "character" and an unofficial mascot for the Terror Tram that year. [2]
  • The Terror Tram also created another legend: "The Ghost of Frank Stites". Frank Stites was a stunt pilot who performed during the grand opening of Universal Studios Hollywood. Tragically, he fell out of his plane without a parachute and died. One night, John Murdy and his friend Casey was sitting up on a hill when they heard eerie laughter. When they went to investigate the laughter, they couldn't find anything. The next night, the cast members of the Terror Tram started freaking out because they saw an apparition wearing clothing from the 1900's on the same hill. After doing research, Murdy found out that he died in the same place he and his friend heard laughter. They built shrines to the ghost on the Tram path to try and appease it. Since then, every year on Halloween night, a character dressed as The Ghost of Frank Stites would present a cast member with a black rose during the last tram ride. [3]

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