Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
Stranger Things HHN 28-0.jpg
Stranger Things
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2018
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Lower Lot
Year 2018
Housed in Soundstage 29
Based on Stranger Things Season 1 (2016)
Followed By Stranger Things (2019)

Stranger Things (Hollywood 2018) was one of the eight haunted mazes that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2018 (Hollywood). It was located in Soundstage 29.

Description[edit | edit source]

Step inside the hair-raising world of Stranger Things and prepare to brave the Upside Down of this pop culture series phenomenon!

Journey to small town Hawkins, Indiana—a seemingly peaceful community with dark, unnerving secrets. When a young boy goes missing near a secluded government laboratory, his faithful friends begin a quest unfolding a series of increasingly bizarre and frightening events. With the threat of flesh-eating creatures in the shadows and the help of one very strange little girl, their world is about to be turned “Upside Down”!

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Murdy tweeted an easter egg involving Will's room, there are DND drawings on Will's desk that was recreated by the prop team, but also there is a trophy on the desk that has Will's name misspelled, something that actually happened to Murdy in real life and had to add it in the house.
  • Another mistake Murdy had mentioned featured in the house is that the boombox in Will's room has a cassette of the Carpenters when it should be a copy of The Clashes' Combat Rock ("Should I Stay or Should I Go").
  • One of the Alien eggs seen in the previous AVP: Alien vs. Predator (Hollywood) mazes appeared in this house.
  • "The Upside Down was a process–we built it off-site in our warehouse, and had a day where we tried a bunch of stuff–we tried snow machines, like in malls for Christmas, but I walked in and started choking and I was like, “No this isn’t going to work.” We tried a fog machine, but you could see the projection cone of light–eventually, the effects team came up with wrapping fiber optic lights wrapped in cotton to give it an ethereal look."- John Murdy on which visuals took the longest to construct for the maze. (Source:www.Fodors.com)
  • Part way through the event, the maze was opened to daytime guests during select hours for lights on behind the scenes tours with no effects or actors, along with monitors at the front of the house with behind the scenes footage and interviews.
  • All of the newspapers used in the living room of the Byers house were real vintage newspapers.
  • Murdy stated at Midsummer Scream that he wrote an outline for this maze featuring both season 1 and 2 of the show in one maze, but he decided there was enough content in each season to split them up.
  • The original Stranger Things maze utilized elements of the long-closed E.T. attraction, and allowed guests to entire a forest environment like we see in the show. (Source:tvweb.com)
Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2018
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