Finger Food Turns Out to be the Real Thing!Edit

A grotesque discovery at the theater snack bar left an entire family traumatized…and transformed.

The theater snack counter’s newest offering (hotdogs and hamburgers produced locally) shocked a local family when they found a severed finger within the meal they had purchased. A much-publicized new “Movie-Meal Combo” had apparently gone horribly wrong when theater owners expanded snacks beyond the traditional candy bars, popcorn and soda pop.

Scheduled to coincide with the premiere of a recent independent horror film, the “new nutritious intermission treat” turned out to much more of a nauseating “trick” for a family of four.

The younger of two children let out an ear-piercing scream while consuming a hot dog during the film. Her older brother and both parents had already finished their meals. But here is where the story takes a bizarre and disturbing turn.

County health officials were stumped by the gruesome incident, in particular because it resulted in a horrible long lasting after-effect; specifically that the family had thereafter become ravenous meat-eaters, incapable of stomaching any fruit, vegetable or non-meat foods.


Advertising FlyerEdit

Flyers promoting the Universal Palace Theater's brand new Movie-Meal Combo that were distributed throughout the county by newspaper delivery boys and were also placed under automobile windshield wipers in parking lots.

Sausage SamplesEdit

Following investigations and laboratory analysis of new meat products, state inspectors were unable to identify key ingredients. Requests for details and formulas were turned down by the manufacturer who stated, “Our secret recipe is the secret of our success.”

Radio AdvertisementEdit

The radio marketing campaign for Universal Palace Theater refreshments was suspended following the report of a severed finger discovered in a hot dog bun. Popular demand however, resulted in a resumption of the advertising shortly thereafter. The following is the radio ad: "A hot dog? There you are, tender, juicy, done to a turn with some fixings. Hamburgers, ma'am? Just the way you like them, meaty, moist and broiled to perfection. Soft drinks, kiddies? Take your choice! Cold, tingling with flavor, all your favorite drinks for your selection. Something to eat for everyone! Soft drinks to make your evening complete! Delicious, fresh, and satisfying to help your entertainment reach the peak of family fun."


Given the fact that the family later became carnivores, the story ties in to the house Leave it to Cleaver. The advertisement flyer had the words "Brought to you by Meetz Meats!" on it. Meetz is the name of the family that captures criminals, trespassers and homeless people and grinds them into meat at the family's butcher shop.