Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Carnage Crew
S.S. Frightanic: Carnage Crew
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights VIII: Primal Scream
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area San Francisco
Year 1998
Housed in Earthquake Queue
Based on Original

Followed By

Ship of Screams (2003)

S.S. Frightanic: Carnage Crew was one of the five haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights VIII. It was located in the Earthquake Queue along with S.S. Frightanic: Fear in First Class.

In 2012 it was revealed that The S.S Frightanic Crew are a part of the Kerezan Legion.

Description Edit

Venture into the vessel's murky depths and meet a "skeleton crew" who will cater to your every needs.

Experience Edit

Facade Edit

The facade was a large ship with one entrance on either side; one leading to this house, the other leading to Fear in First Class. The ship was located in a harbor also containing a building with the words "Harbor View" on the sign, a few crates and barrels, and another, small building with a metal roof.

Walkthrough Edit

At one point guests walked through the crew quarters, with one man laying dead on a bed, impaled by a sword. Human bones and other remains were scattered over the bunkbeds, and there was a scareactor portraying a zombified crew member.

Another room was the bridge, with cracked walls, pieces of cloth hanging down from the ceiling, and another zombie scareactor manning the wheel.

Pictures Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Michael Aiello, the future showrunner of the event, appeared as a scareactor in this house, as the ships captain seen in the concept art.
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