HHN 15 Rat Run

Image from the now defunct

Rat Run was an outdoor chainlink maze during Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror that only operated on peak nights. The maze's origins come from the previous year, where the structure was constructed as an elaborate corn maze. Guests on the outside of the maze could activate air blowers to startle guests in the maze, while those inside the maze could do the same to outside passersby. Jack the Clown stood on a platform cackling and insulting guests, while the other icons (The Director, The Caretaker, and The Storyteller) roamed the maze scaring guests. This maze served as a preview of what was to happen the next year. A twist, was no matter which icon it was, they were always holding chainsaws. Rat Run was also open in The Boneyard during Stay & Scream on all nights, though Jack was still on the platform, no scareactors were in the maze.

History Edit

Rat Run was initially constructed to be an elaborate corn maze for the 2004 Halloween Horror Nights event, and was advertised as being the first maze of it's kind where the paths would dynamically change while guests were being pursued by Pumpkin-headed scarecrows. The path changes were planned to be accomplished by scareactors swinging walls, with the finale being guests trapped in a path with no exit. The massive structure was to be placed between Seuss Landing and Nickelodeon Studios and serve as an elaborate corn maze for the Field of Screams scarezone. Vegetation was grown on the chain link fence throughout the summer, and embellished with corn stalks and wooden planks. Unfortunately, in Summer 2004 three hurricanes came through the area and destroyed the vegetation and damaged the structure. What pieces could be salvaged were placed along the pathway where the corn maze was intended to be and became Field of Screams. The maze itself was repaired and interactive elements were added for 2005. Rat Run has never made another appearance at the event and was dismantled soon after 2005. Much of the chain link fencing has been re-purposed in the following years of Halloween Horror Nights - odds are, if you see chain link fencing, it came from Rat Run.

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