Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Paul Revere and the Raiders Logo.png
Paul Revere & the Raiders
Attraction type


Event Fright Nights
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Hollywood
Year 1991
Housed in Mel's Drive-In Stage
Based on Original
Followed By Rock 'N Roll With Wolfman Jack & Roni Nu's Revue (1992)

Paul Revere & the Raiders (a.k.a. Monster Mash Dance with Paul Revere & the Raiders) was one of the twenty shows that was featured during Fright Nights. It was located on the Mel's Drive-In Stage.

Paul Revere & the Raiders would perform nightly on a stage set up behind Mel's Drive-In. The band would play their most popular songs, as well as the Monster Mash as the alternate title seemingly implies.

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