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Maximum Carnage
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Marvel Super Hero Island
Year 2002
Housed in Carnage Warehouse
Based on Original
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Maximum Carnage was one of the five haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear. It altered the storyline from Marvel. The house was located in the Carnage Warehouse.

History and Location[]

Back when Cindy was originally going to be icon for the Halloween Horror Nights event in 2002, there was going to be a haunted house and scarezone based on the idea that the Marvel super-villains defeated the superheroes and were now wrecking havoc on the world. The Spiderman villain Carnage would be the leader of the super-villains, and would be featured prominently in the area. The house would represent the super-villains lair, and would be located in the large extended queue for the Storm Force Accelatron ride.

Storm Force Accelatron is a ride located behind the Hulk Coaster. The ride would be a "teacup" style attraction with spinning cars. Universal built a large (and mostly unused) extended queue for the attraction, so Universal decided to place a haunted house in that area.

However, after the icon changed from Cindy to The Caretaker, the house location changed. Instead, Universal decided to build a permanent warehouse specifically to hold this haunted house, located behind the Doctor Doom's Fearfall ride. The warehouse would later be renamed The Carnage Warehouse, named after this haunted house. Other than the house location, the house concept mostly remained the same.

Due to the linear nature of Islands of Adventure, this was planned to be the first haunted house guests would experience after entering the park.

After the event had ended, Marvel got angry with Universal, saying that if kids came to the event and saw all of their favorite superheroes dead they would stop buying Marvel comics because they would think that the superheroes were dead for real. Because of this, Universal has never had a Marvel themed house or scarezone again.


Venture into the labyrinth-like secret hideout of the malevolent Carnage, an insane criminal with incredible alien powers, who's bent on mindless destruction.


Queue and Facade[]

Guests would enter the queue for this house to the right of The Incredible Hulk Coaster entrance. In the queue, guests would see a large sign featuring the house logo, as well as the Lizard Man. The Lizard Man is a carnival performer with lizard tattoos all over their body. Guests would eventually reach the facade, which was the entrance to Carnage's lair.

Haunted House[]

Villains such as Xorn, Scream, and Mephisto appeared throughout the house attempting to slaughter guests. The Punisher, formerly an extremist vigilante waging a one-man war on criminals, wields a flamethrower at the exit; infected with Albert Caine’s darkness, he joins the Caretaker and Carnage to burn as many people alive as he can.

One room featured many lasers pointing at guests, representing the supervillains using them as target practice. A scareactor behind a chainlink fence would hold a pneumatic device that would make a loud noise, especially when they used it on the wall. A Revolving Tunnel appeared, with holes inside of it with lights shining through. One room also featured a waterfall behind a chainlink fence, and another featured a scareactor jumping out from the inside of a cage.

The finale was the nuclear reactor, with flashing lights and loud sirens. A scareactor with a gas mask would jump out at guests and another scareactor would appear above them. It also had green lights and barrels labeled "Gamma Radiation". A scareactor would jump out from behind one of these barrels. He would occasionally hit the barrels with an object to make a loud noise. When guests exit the house, they enter a junkyard with many chainlink fences and a tollbooth. A chainsaw-wielding scareactor jumps out at the end and attacks guests as they run out of the house.



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  • The toll booth, and the truck in the house were reused in Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past.
  • There are only a couple of scenes that use actual wood walls. Most of the houses walls are scaffolding.
  • This is the first house located in the Carnage Warehouse and this is the house that gave the Carnage Warehouse it's name.
  • According to some accounts, Carnage actually never appeared in this haunted house. However, other people say that he appeared on a podium at the end.
  • The Room featured after the Revolving Tunnel used one of the Fly Pods from the movie, The Fly.
  • Marvel allegedly got angry with Universal for having a scarezone and haunted house based on the deaths of the superheroes, which ensured that Marvel characters would never be used again.
  • The Revolving Tunnel (a spinning and disorientating tunnel that guests would walk through) appeared in this house. The effect would later be used in many haunted houses, with the next one being Disorientorium during Halloween Horror Nights XIV.
  • The original concept for this haunted house placed it in the extended queue of Storm Force Accelatron. Other than that, the house seemed largely unchanged.
  • This house made the Punisher a villain who was an anti-hero in the comics. Albert Caine warped his mind and he became one of the many supervillains under the control of Carnage (and technically the Caretaker).
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