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Maldaken Pass is one of the areas of Terra Cruentus that is located in the North Hollow. During Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror, it served as the gateway to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

Role in Terra Cruentus[edit | edit source]

Maldaken seemed to have served as a “portal” to the worst of evils in the North Hollow (the epicenter of primordial terror where the Terra Queen subjects used as a “testing Ground” for the Pure of Heart) and to where Jack held his maze.

Description[edit | edit source]

The best way to describe Maldaken given the few pictures we see, is that it appears to be a road of derelict trash/random junk. Given that one photo shows a carnival game, it could be interpreted as a “haven” compared to the horrors of the Hollow and the bewilderment of Jack. If you look closely in one of the pictures you could see a Fright Yard car with the Point of Evil symbol on it.

The map labeled it as a “dining area” and it appeared to have some bars and vendors for consumption.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This was the last time the Seuss Backlot was used for Halloween Horror Nights Horror Nights.
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