Legendary Truth: The Collective is the leading organization studying the evil that takes place at Halloween Horror Nights. Established by Boris Shuster in the 1960's, The Collective has a long history with the event, including their investigations of Bloody Mary in 2008, their work with studying the Lantern (and the accidental release of Fear himself) in 2010 and their study of the Roaming Legions' 2012 unearthing in 2013. The organization vanished for a short period of time since the "lantern incident", but made a resurfacing in 2013, claiming it was to investigate it's own leading members.

It seems that there has been corruption in the organization, particularly among the senior staff's inner circle, as one of the senior staff's members, Richard Steerington has gone missing since 2012 while he was on a fishing trip in Amity Island, New England. According to his daughter, Paige, a member of the Legendary Truth, Gabriel Fell caused his disappearance possibly to take his place in the senior staff's inner circle. In the 2015 Legendary Truth investigation (which was held during the event's last three nights), it was strongly implied that Bloody Mary played a major role in freeing the icons from Fear's lantern.

They own the Legendary Truth Mansion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With the exception of the Kerezans and Morphans, a majority of the staff of LT are members of the Legions of Horror.
    • Richard Steerington (Baccanoid)
    • LT Security (Cerebin)
    • Dr. Thorncastle (Maschorian)
    • Sadira Kurush (Strengoit)
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