Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
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Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Metro Lot


Housed in Metro Sets
Based on Krampus (2015)

Krampus (Hollywood) was one of the six haunted mazes that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2016 (Hollywood). It was located in the Metro Sets.

Description[edit | edit source]

Everyone knows the story of Santa Claus and how he brings toys to good little girls and boys on Christmas Eve. But what is less well known is what happens to the naughty children who don't make Santa's list. Who visits them on Christmas Eve and what terrible "gifts" does he bring them? You're about to find out! Welcome to Krampus, a horrifying twist on the Old World Christmas legend based on the 2015 hit film by writer/director Michael Dougherty. For centuries, parents in Europe have frightened their children with stories of Krampus, the malevolent version of Saint Nicholas who preys on bad children during the Christmas season. Now Krampus and his nasty little helpers have come to America, to terrorize those who have lost the meaning of Christmas. It will be a lesson you will never forget...if you survive it.

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  • According to John Murdy, Krampus was a tricky character to replicate for live performers because of his size and orientation of his head. He said that Trick 'r Treat Studios did a great mask for Michael Dougherty (the Director of Krampus), so they augmented that design and their costume department tackled his wardrobe.
  • The kitchen scene was probably John Murdy's favorite with the crazy Gingerbread figures and the scent of Gingerbread cookies (this maze got his award for best smelling maze in the history of Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood at the time). Murdy wrote a lot of these gags into the treatment, but the prop team also added their creativity.
  • In the Gingerbread room, there were Gingerbread Cookies downing a bottle of Christmas Sherry and a sugar bowl scene which was an homage to Scarface (cause in Murdy's twisted mind sugar would be like coke to a Gingerbread cookie). All of those were handmade by the Prop team.
  • The burned down Gingerbread house had a tiny flickering LED light in it and a mini fogger.
  • The attic of the house contained several creatures, including Der Klown swallowing the girl. This was another Magee FX piece that was controlled by the performer in the bed. Also in the attic was the Christmas Angel and The Bear in the present box. They had a live performer with the bear biting into his arm that would burst into the room.
  • To create a major physical change when guests left the house, Murdy and co. used a huge HVAC chiller with the duct pointed straight down at people to blast them with cold air. Then, guests had to deal with the field of evil snowmen they teased outside!
  • Murdy and co. had the snowmen created for them by a specialty vendor so that they were really light weight and could be controlled by performers from inside them. They were a mix of static props and special effects units so guests didn’t know where the scare was coming from.
  • The end of the maze took guests into a stylized version of an postcard Christmas setting with wonderful Christmas scents, presents under the tree, and delectable treats (all fake, made by the Prop team), then it all goes bad as Krampus crashes the party.
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