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"There's a reason why people are afraid of Klowns."
Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
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Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Lower Lot
Year 2019
Housed in Mummy Queue
Based on Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Killer Klowns From Outer Space was one of the ten haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Hollywood). It was located in The Mummy Queue.


Send in the klowns! In all-new Haunted Maze of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights in an all-new side-splitting haunted house. The crazed klowns are back to wreak havoc and remind you why you were afraid of clowns in the first place.


If ever there was a reason why people are afraid of clowns, this is it. Killer Klowns from Outer Space have landed and there’s nothing funny about these strange creatures who use side-splitting antics and weird alien technology to devour their victims. Don’t let them encase you in one of their pink cotton candy cocoons or you could end up as a gooey snack. One gag is ghastlier than the next as they have you shrieking from clown to clown like some twisted three-ring circus. These Killer Klowns won’t make you scream with laughter – just scream.



The facade was a large yellow and red striped circus tent surrounded by a few trees. The tent also had several strings of lights connected to it and tethering it into the ground. On the right side of the tent, the shadow of Slim the Clown or Chubby the Clown could occasionally be seen sneaking around.

Also to the right side of the tent, a live actor would come out of the woods portraying Farmer Gene Green, recreating the scene from the beginning of the movie where his dog goes missing and he gets electrocuted by a string of lights in a fit of rage. The audio played in front of the facade would cycle between the title track performed by The Dickies, and the track Hidden Clown Ship from the original soundtrack along with the spoken dialogue from Gene Green's scene when the live actor emerges from the woods. The guests enter through an opening in the circus tent where the fabric has been separated.

Haunted Maze[]

As guests pass through the facade, they walk down a short corridor of red and yellow striped tent walls, before passing through a set of yellow and red curtains.

Next guests would enter the brightly colored hallway of the Klown Ship, featuring multicolored piping stretching horizontally and vertically along the hall, along with bright pink walls, all lit up with UV lighting.

Immediately after passing through another set of curtains, either Bibbo, or Jumbo would pop out at guests from a multicolored latex sheet over an elevated boo-hole with a loud honking sound. Guests then make a right and enter the room in the ship containing rotating doors. Jumbo, or Bibbo opens and comes rushing out of one of the doors wielding a bat.

Guests then find themselves in the cotton candy cocoon room, where Chubby the Clown can be seen with a massive bendy straw slurping blood from one of the cotton candy cocoons, and will rush towards guests after noticing them. The smell of cotton candy also permeates the room. Guests pass the popcorn computer and cotton candy cocoon hanger only to be confronted by Rudy the Clown and his popcorn gun.

The next room has completely black walls, with cotton candy cocoons illuminated in blacklight that the guests must push past. Many of the cocoons have victims partially sticking out of them, and two of the cocoons are actually live actors meant to blend in with the props, and there is one stationed at each end of the room.

The guests proceed to an alleyway, along the wall there is a sign that says "Crescent Cove 5 Miles" and immediately beyond this, Spikey the Clown pops out from behind a wall with his balloon dog while it snarls and barks. Further down the alley, Slim the Clown can be seen performing his shadow puppet show, changing his bunny shadow puppet into the lunging t-rex before rushing towards guests and laughing.

Guests leave the alleyway and come across a facade of Debbie's House. Next to the front door, Chubby the Clown is lurking behind a tree, jumping out at guests with a popcorn gun, blasting them with water.

Guests enter Debbie's living room where Debbie can be seen to have been trapped in a balloon, and can be heard inside calling for help and trying to get out. At the front door are Chubby, Bibbo, and Rudy holding a pizza box that Shorty the Clown pops out of, laughing and shooting his cotton candy gun, once again spraying the guests with water.

After a short transition hallway guests find themselves in the bathroom of the home, smelling distinctly like popcorn, where two Popcorn Clowns pop out from the medicine cabinet and a poster on the wall. Three more popcorn clowns in the laundry basket and toilet squirt water out of their mouths while they snarl. Guests pass through another short transition where Slim the Clown can be overheard mimicking Mike's voice trying to get Debbie to let him in.

Next guests walk towards a facade of the Crescent Cove Police Station. The lights from a police car can be seen shining on the station, and the radio calls between Officer Mooney and Dave can be heard as well. Once inside the station, guests walk by the receptionist window follow the glowing red footsteps to enter the main office, where a live actor portraying Officer Mooney can be seen being puppeted by Jumbo the Clown and saying "Don't worry, all we wanna do is kill ya." while turning his head to follow the guests.

Guests enter another transition hallway where Dave Hanson and Officer Jack can be heard. Also in this hallway, Jumbo the Clown and Bibbo the Clown would pops out of an elevated boo-hole on each different sides, holding a cartoonish red and yellow hammer, making a loud party noise maker sound. Guests then see a blacklit sign on the doorway above them that reads "Crescent Cove Carnival".

The next scene contains a large facade of the Crazy House funhouse, as well as Chubby, Shorty, Slim, and Bibbo standing to the right of it holding pies, and the melted whipped cream covered body of the Officer Harrison to the left of the facade, still smoking. Rudy the Clown also pops out from curtains next to the security guard's body, holding a cotton candy cocoon gun. Shorty's laugh from the Knock My Block Off scene can be heard repeatedly as well.

Guests enter the funhouse and come across a series of curtains, painted like a series of doors getting smaller each time as they can hear Mike say "Another door?" several times. Immediately after they get past all the doors, Bibbo the Clown pops out from another elevated boo-hole.

Next they travel into another hallway, replicating the scene in the funhouse with the wobbling doorways. This effect was achieved by lighting up the door in each position in a different color once at a time, to give the illusion of motion. Immediately after passing through the doorways, guests are confronted by Spikey the Clown operating a large popcorn cannon, blasting guests with water.

Guests traverse the pitch black hallways, being attacked by Slim the Clown and Shorty the Clown before coming across the massive head of Klownzilla himself, lunging towards the guests and roaring.

Just as guests leave the room thinking they've escaped, Slim the Clown riding his invisible klown car comes screeching out of the darkness with a loud crash and maniacal klown laugh. Guests then exit the maze as the title track by The Dickies blares behind them.



  • "Pooh? Pooh Bear? Where is that dog? Pooh? Pooh Bear? Where did that dog go? Pooh Bear? Come here, boy! Where in tarnations is that dog? Pooh? Pooh Bear? What in tarnations is going on here? Where's my dog?! Where's my pooh bear?! I'll tear this thing apart with my bare hands! Oh, ha-ha! Ow! This thing is wired!" - Farmer Gene Green
  • "This is no fun house" - Mike Tobacco
  • "No circus, either" - Debbie Stone
  • "Smell's like candy" - Mike Tobacco
  • "This looks like a cotton candy factory to me" - Mike Tobacco
  • "Nobody stores cotton candy like this" -Debbie Stone
  • "Help! Someone help me!" - Debbie Stone
  • "Pizza!" - Bibbo the Clown
  • "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" - Officer Mooney
  • "Well you better go now, Dave. Before the clowns take over, huh?" - Officer Mooney
  • "Go ahead, Dave! Make a dummy out of yourself! But you're not gonna make a dummy outta me!" - Officer Mooney
  • "One Baker five. Curt, do you read me? Over" - Dave Hanson
  • "One Baker five. This is Mooney speaking. I was a little worried about you. I thought the big bad clowns got a hold of you. Over." - Officer Mooney
  • "Mooney, I want you to listen to me and don't say anything. I want you to call the state police and get help. There are clowns, and they are killing people. Over." - Dave Hanson
  • "Don't worry. All we want to do is kill you!" - Officer Mooney
  • "C.C.P.D., this is Marlborough State Police. Dave, Curt, are you there? Over" - Officer Jack
  • "If you were a clown, where would you hide?" - Dave Hanson
  • "The amusement park!" - Mike Tobacco
  • "Ooh, Scary!" - Paul Terenzi
  • "Another door. Another door. Another Door!" - Mike Tobacco
  • "Come on guys! Look for help!" - Mike Tobacco






  • Murdy was a huge fan of the legendary LA punk band The Dickies, and read that they had done the theme song for the movie so honestly that was what drew him to the theatre on the one weekend it was playing in LA. [1].
  • Murdy admits that they did the Killer Klowns maze due to constant badgering from social media and the success of Orlando's scarezone last year. [2].
  • Much like the Film in how it was low budget so the creators had to use tricks, like repurposing some of the clown characters by adding different wigs, face paint etc. The HHN Team did the same thing for the maze. [3].
  • The Spaceship and the Cotton Candy Cocoon Scenes were both scenes that Murdy and Chris thought needed to be in the Maze. [4].
  • There was a Choice between the Knock my Block Off Scene and the Shadow Puppets Scene and Murdy chose the Shadow Puppets Scene. [5].
  • John Murdy's favorite Killer Klown is Jumbo. [6].
  • Aside from Fluffy from Creepshow, the Klowns were some of Murdy's favorite characters he brought to life for 2019[7].
  • Murdy was surprised and pleased with how well the maze was received, and is hoping to do a follow up some time in the future if the long awaited sequel ever reaches the screen. He has also considered creating a sequel specifically for the event if that doesn't end up happening, which is not unlike what was done for 2016's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers [8].
  • The spoken dialogue for Farmer Gene Green for the facade was voiced by the event's Creative Director John Murdy [9].
  • One of the actors that portray Farmer Gene Green also portrayed Hollywood Harry for promotional material, as well as Mr. Kreeg in Trick 'r Treat. [10].
  • The Clown elevator in the beginning of the Maze was a set piece Chris designed inspired by circular shower doors. [11].
  • They thought it would be cool to have guests pass through the cotton candy cocoons which was done as a UV scene with live performers hidden amongst the prop cocoons. [12].
  • Murdy said it was between the Shadow Puppets Scene and the Knock My Block Off Scene and he chose the Shadow Puppets Scene. [13].
  • In the alleys of Crescent Cove Slim had a triggered video sequence that allowed the performer to switch from the bunny rabbit to the T-Rex before he attacks guests. [14].
  • In Murdy's Description of the Maze Chubby offers us a Candy Box outside of Debbie's House before blasting us with the Ray Gun. However in the Actual Maze the Candy Box part isn't there. [15].
  • The Killer Klown Babies were Hand Puppets being controlled by performers behind the set. [16].
  • Murdy loved how the performers for the Officer Mooney Scene lip synced to the audio track in the scene. [17].
  • In the police office scene, many of the faces on the missing poster belong to members of the behind the scenes team, including John Murdy and his family. [18].
  • Klownzilla was a massive puppet controlled by a performer off set. He was sculpted out of foam by the artists from MageeFX. [19].
  • In the Original Treatment of the Maze, Guests were going to walk between Klownzilla's Legs as Klownzilla was a Full Puppet. The Reason this was cut was due to Budget cuts. [20].


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