Juliette as she appeared in The Thing (2011).

Juliette is a research assistant and helicopter pilot on her way to the Norwegian base in Antarctica where The Thing would take place. She's running low on gas and the woman in the Air Traffic control (Lady Luck in disguise) gives her this message after receiving Juliette's SOS.

"Antarctica transport 860R, this is McMurdo ATC. We copy your mayday. You are clear to direct emergency landing at Norwegian research station or return to Shoemaker OSS airfield. Be advised: weather deteriorating at Shoemaker. Visibility currently four miles and diminishing, dealing at 1000 feet and descending. Winds north, northwest at 85 knots, adjusting to 100, heavy snow falls moving south at 20 knots. I repeat, you are clear to land; Norwegian research station or return to Shoemaker OSS airfield. The choice is yours, Captain. McMurdo ATC, over."

Juliette chose the base, unaware that she would be going to the place where the alien that absorbs, assimilates and imitates its victims would be found. Juliette would also become one of the victims to be assimilated and the Juliette-Thing was eventually destroyed.

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