Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
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Island Under Siege
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Marvel Super Hero Island
Year 2002
Housed in Marvel Super Hero Island
Based on Marvel Comics

Island Under Siege was one of the six scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear. It was located in Marvel Super Hero Island.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

Back when the character of Cindy was planned to be the icon during Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear, Universal was going to have a house and scarezone located in Marvel Super Hero Island based on the idea that the villains of Marvel comics eventually defeated and killed all of the superheroes, and are now wrecking havoc on the world. The scarezone was originally going to be called Marvel City Under Siege. It was going to mainly focus on one villain in particular; Carnage. The scarezone was also planned to have "snipers" on the rooftops with super soakers and bungee scareactors. Both of which were likely removed later on in development.

Marvel Super Hero Island is an area of Islands of Adventure located between The Port of Entry and Toon Lagoon. The area features many statues of Marvel Superheroes as well as buildings related to the areas of the Marvel Universe. Due to the linear nature of Islands of Adventure, guests were expected to go to this scarezone right after entering the event through the Port of Evil scarezone.

After Cindy was scrapped as the icon, the scarezone was renamed to just Island Under Siege. The scarezone would mostly be unchanged however and would still feature many Marvel super-villains roaming the streets and would still prominently feature Carnage as the leader of all of these villains.

After the event had ended, Marvel got angry with Universal, saying that if kids came to the event and saw all of their favorite superheroes dead they would stop buying Marvel comics because they would think that the superheroes were dead for real. Because of this, Universal has never had a Marvel themed house or scarezone again. Despite this controversy, the scarezone became the Scarezone of the Year in 2002, making it the first scarezone to win this award.

Description[edit | edit source]

The super heroes have all been defeated. Now you're trapped on a decaying, lawless island under siege by the minions of the most vicious super villain of all, "Carnage".

Scarezone[edit | edit source]

Under the leadership of Carnage who was given power from The Caretaker, Marvel villains had destroyed the superheroes, and signs of that were everywhere. Allegedly (though unconfirmed), Thor's hammer Mjonir laid on a crater on the ground, Captain America's blood-stained shield was hung up on Doom Tower, Spiderman's webbing was everywhere, and Iron Man's helmet has been stolen by a petty thief. Villains such as Crossbones and The Wrecking Crew and bloody policemen roamed the streets.

Also on the streets, were crashed cars and huge stages constructed by the villains to stand on. These stages would also spray fire into the air. Scareactors on top of buildings would shoot flamethrowers while others would squirt guests with water guns. There were also a few dead superheroes scattered throughout the streets to show the destruction.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This was the first scarezone that was located in Marvel Super Hero Island.
  • This scarezone won Scarezone of the Year in 2002.
  • Marvel allegedly got angry with Universal for having a scarezone and haunted house based on the deaths of the superheroes, which ensured that Marvel characters would never be used again.
  • The description of the original incarnation of this scarezone "Marvel City Under Siege" mentions bungee scareactors, laser comets, snipers on rooftops using super-soakers to squirt guests, and electrical discharges. It is unknown if any of these made it into the final cut for the scarezone.
  • In the original concept for the scarezone, the rides were also taken over by the villains.
    • The Green Goblin took over the Incredible Hulk Coaster, getting rid of all safety restraints, adding toxic waste into the lake, and causing a heavy fog to roll on the streets.
    • King Pin took over Storm Force Acceleration enhancing it with strobes, his voice playing over the speakers. and heavy metal music.
    • Dr. Doom's Fear Fall added screams of torture.
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