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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights IX
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 1999
Housed in Soundstage 22
Based on Original
Preceded By The Psycho Path Maze (1994)
Followed By Psycho Scareapy (2003)

Psycho Path: The Return of Norman Bates (2006)

Insanity was one of the five haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights IX. It was located in Soundstage 22 along with Psycho: Through the Mind of Norman Bates.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

Like the previous year, two haunted houses would be located inside Soundstage 22 for Halloween Horror Nights IX. Soundstage 22 is one of the smaller soundstage facilities designed to be used as filming locations for movies and television shows. Insanity was located in this soundstage, along with Psycho: Through the Mind of Norman Bates.

The house would share the theme of insanity with the Psycho house, and would even be set in the same asylum. This could also be considered a precursor to the popular Psycho Scareapy haunted house in 2003, as it shares the same storyline of asylum inmates taking over.

Description[edit | edit source]

Revenge-crazed inmates are running the asylum!

Only the insane dare enter the grim and dank wards of the Fairvayle Sanitarium, where some of world's most disturbed madmen reside.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This house took place in Fairvayle Sanitarium, which means that it could have possibly tied into the Psycho franchise as well. The house was designed to make guests understand how it felt to be insane.

According to one account, guests were taken through what may have been this house in groups of 15 or 20, instead of the usual constant line. In the first room, guests would enter the sparsely-decorated reception for the Fairvayle Sanitarium, consisting of a receptionist sitting by the computer at her desk next to filing cabinet and a noticeboard. The line for the Psycho house would also go through this room, though that house would leave this room through a different exit. Going into the next room (labeled "The Door"), the doors were shut and the lights were turned off, leaving the guests in pitch blackness. A wolf or dog started to growl in the background,, and a round, fuzzy thing was run along and around the guests' legs. After a short while, the doors opened again. Reportedly, this effect was rarely done again, as it held up the line for too long.

Following this room, guests would enter a corridor called "Cell Block 2" with multiple doors and a scareactor popping out of one of them. Guests would then enter the tunnels, where the line would momentarily split in two next to two large mirrors. After the line rejoined, guests would enter the laundry room, with multiple washing machines.

Guests would then enter the guard stations, which had a guard on an elevated platform. After that, guests were forced to choose between two mirrored corridors in a scene called "General Pop". If they took too long to decide, a scareactor would jump out and decide for them. After the line merged, guests would enter the Hanging Room, which is most likely the room that had the "Isolation" scene. This scene contained numerous twitching bloody bags suspended from the ceiling, with a shape suggesting they contained hanged bodies. Among these were a tattooed scareactor wielding a jagged knife and another scareactor with an axe.

Next, guests would enter the infirmary. After going down a short corridor, guests would enter a room called "The Green Mile". Scareactors would yell at guests from behind chainlink fences as they traversed the corridor. Guests would then travel through another corridor before reaching the finale. The finale seemed to be called the "Execution Chamber", and had numerous scareactors and mannequins surrounding guests. At the end of the house, guests got "electrocuted".

One room was decorated with large, glow-in-the-dark tarot cards such as Death, The Hanged Man, and The Devil. There was also an opening where an evil harlequin scareactor was hiding. It is unknown where this room fits into the layout.

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