Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
Hostel: Hunting Season
Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2011 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Lower Lot


Housed in Mummy Queue
Based on Hostel (2005)

Hostel: Hunting Season was one of the six haunted mazes that were Halloween Horror Nights 2011 (Hollywood). It was located in The Mummy Queue.

Story[edit | edit source]

Escape to devilishly hedonistic Bratislava, home to Eastern Europe's most horrifying Hostel where pleasure and pain go hand in hand. Descend to hell's darkest corner as you sample the forbidden fruits of extreme terror. It's hunting season and vulnerable prey is in high demand!

Take a sickeningly twisted detour to a torture factory where Americans are sold to the highest bidder and dreams of paradise become nightmares of agony.

Enjoy your stay; we look forward to having you!

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • John Murdy originally met Eli Roth at the Eyegore Awards in 2010. They have been friends ever since[1].
  • During the making of the maze, Eil gave Murdy a bunch of audio tracks, props, and production references from the films. One of the client masks from the film was used to make alot of the masks in this maze[2].
  • Occasionally, a projection of someone being tortured could be seen on the right window of the facade.
  • Hostel girls would occasionally be in front of the facade to interact with guests before they entered the maze by asking the same questions the girls in the film asked their victims.
  • One of John Murdy's favorite effects in this maze was the "Skill Saw Kill". It involved an actress wearing a black hood under a mask that was designed to blend in with the set to create a void[3].
  • Another one of John Murdy's favorite effects in this maze were the "Attack Dog" puppets that would scare guests from both sides of the path. They were built off of a taxidermy wolf and had a custom sculpted face. This experience served as a "warm up" to the American Werewolf in London maze in 2014[4].
  • Eli started a lot of traditions at HHN, including the Twitter Password game where they have a performer hand out a special gift to people who successfully give him/her a password that Murdy tweeted nightly on Twitter. For Hostel, guests received Elite Hunting cards that Eli had given Murdy[5].
  • One night before the event, Eli called Murdy and said, “I’m going in!”. He wanted to act in the maze & brought his own client costume. He acted in every scene in the maze that night, and no one knew it was him. Murdy missed the whole thing because he was stuck doing interviews. When Murdy finally got down to the maze, Eli was coming out. He gave him a big hug & got fake blood all over his jacket. Murdy still has that jacket & it still has Eli’s blood on it[6].

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