Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Horror Nights Nightmares
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2004
Housed in Soundstage 44
Based on Original

Horror Nights Nightmares was one of the seven haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights XIV. It was themed towards every original Horror Nights icon that existed at that time, featuring Jack, The Caretaker, The Director, and even Eddie. It was located in Soundstage 44 (also known as The Herc and Xena Building).

History and Location[edit | edit source]

For their 2004 event, Universal decided to build a haunted house celebrating their past original icons, including Jack the Clown,The Caretaker, The Director, and even the unused icon Eddie Schmidt. Each icon would get their own room and setting based on their character.

The house would be located in Soundstage 44, a building previously used for holding a Hercules show. This would be the first of many haunted houses celebrating the past of Halloween Horror Nights. The house would end up being the only haunted house located in Soundstage 44, partly due to the buildings demolition to make way for the Transfromers attraction.

Description[edit | edit source]

Come face to face with your worse HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTMARES... The Director, The Caretaker, Eddie and Jack are all waiting to take you on a little stroll down Memory Lane. Spend a little quality time "behind-the-scenes" with your favorite icon of Halloween Horror Nights past - they're waiting for you on the very sets that made them infamous...up close and this time, it's personal.

Halloween Horror Nights' most infamous characters return, including The Director and Jack the evil clown.

Backstory [edit | edit source]

The house took place on the set of a movie based on the past of Halloween Horror Nights called "Horror Nights Nightmares". It was to be shot inside Soundstage 44. On set, security was very tight and all exits were monitored for public safety. On the 13th day of shooting at 6 PM there was a casting call. There were four known scenes shot during that day:

At 8 PM, Scene 360PT, 72 (B-9 pick-up) was shot in an interior set of a movie theater. This scene featured The Director, and had props such as a director's chair, an electrical plug-in radio, a dolly track, assistant camera equipment, and a diode timer. Lighting included a stinger for the radio. They also had a picture car for the scene. The set was a closed set, and featured the essential crew only. A production-director was not needed due to The Director being present. Crew members were advised not to look at The Director in the eyes and to not to interfere with the scene under any circumstance. There was also a note suggesting that the Director would ask for crew members to join the scene, and that crewmembers should contact the production manager and remain calm if this happened. During this time, two crewmembers went missing.

At 9 PM, Scene 425A was shot in an exterior set of a photo booth. The scene would feature Jack the Clown, and had props such as noise makers, blades hidden in sleeves, a bouquet of flowers, acid spitting flowers, and acid buckets. Lighting included traveling spots and there was music playback during the scene. Rats and hissing roaches were also used in the scene. The set was also closed, and crewmembers were warned that special effects action props were present on the set. The crew was told not to touch any of the Jack in the Box props, and if the urge was to great they should leave immediately. They were also told that if they saw an open box or head maniacal laughing, they should contact the production manager and remain calm. During the shooting of this scene they had effects issues. At 9:30 PM the crew had a dinner break.

At 10 PM, Scene 65B was shot in an interior set of a morgue. This scene featured The Caretaker, and had props such as a Medical Dr. Bag, assistant bone cutters, surgical instruments, and files. There was also a black-out special effect that occurred during this scene. The set was "very closed", and the crew was advised to leave all sharp objects with the production assistant. The Caretaker demanded silence during the scene, and crew members feeling sick were advised to visit first aid (in Bungalow 3) and remain calm. During this time the two missing crewmembers were found and the production manager was contacted.

At 11 PM, scene 413 was shot. The scene featured Eddie Schmidt, and used props such as a chainsaw, essential blades, oil, a circular saw, and visquine. Mechanical effects such as Jack in the Boxes, Water-Hookup to bathtub fixtures, smoke, and rain were also used in this scene. Any of the crew that were left were advised to bandage any injuries, as Eddie's sense of smell would lead him to any open wound. They are advised to run like hell if they are targeted as prey. During the shooting of this scene, the set was locked down so that nobody could enter. However, the VIP tour group was let in, causing chaos. Presumably, there was a survivor of this ordeal, and they were sent to Shadybrook because of their trauma. The records of this experience were kept in a box in one of the rooms of the asylum.

In the Patient Records on the Halloween Horror Nights XIV website, visitors could see the contents of the box detailing the story of the Horror Nights Nightmares patient. They could click on and read the casting call sheet detailing the backstory above. There was also a Jack in the Box, Chainsaw Oil, Medical Bag/ Locket, and Film Reels (with the titles "Jester" and "Electrocution") on the page, which when clicked on would play a sound clip related to the icon that they represent. Also on the website was a Universal Studios lanyard, VIP passes to Halloween Horror Nights 1998-2003, a dirty red rag, the camera log for the film, a bottle, and a card for the production. The Point of Evil symbol appeared on the card, and when clicked on would take visitors back to the main page of the Patient Records.

In the house, guests would most likely assume the role of the VIP tour, going through all the various different film sets and encountering all of the icons.

References to the Number 13:

  • The day the backstory took place was the 13th day of shooting.
  • The date the backstory took place was October 13th.
  • The last scene shot was 413.
  • The last event represented on the page was Halloween Horror Nights 13 (which had The Director as the icon).

Website Pictures[edit | edit source]

Website Audio[edit | edit source]

Audio that played on the House Page:

Audio that played when the Jack in the Box was clicked on:

Audio that played when the Chainsaw Oil was clicked on:

Audio that played when the Medical Bag/ Locket were clicked on:

Audio that played when the Film Reels were clicked on:

Experience[edit | edit source]

Queue and Facade[edit | edit source]

Guests would enter the queue next to Soundstage 44, near the Studio Lagoon. Next to the entrance of the queue, a large screen was erected showing scenes from The Art of the Scare DVD as well as commercials for Jack, Eddie, The Caretaker, and The Director. The queue would wrap around Soundstage 44, and various TVs in the queue would show interviews with the cast and crew of Halloween Horror Nights.

After entering the soundstage, guests would be greeted with a plain, carpeted hallway which had walls showcasing some Halloween Horror Nights memorobilia, including posters and concept art. After that, guests would enter the actual house.

Pointofevil.com[edit | edit source]

The excitement really begins as we enter The Director's portion of the house. A simple hallway leads us into a large theater room. The hallway, lined with doors, includes the most overused scare at this year's event. In the center of the theater guests see fallen chairs and part of the theater ceiling decoration that has collapsed. The path leads around the outer edges of this room (and past theater patrons who stare ominously at guests). Near the front of the theater, the Director himself stands observing the projection of his latest movie on the screen (look closely behind the transparent white screen and you can see the bathtub used in Halloween Horror Nights 13 commercials. Moving on, another doorway takes guests through a dark hall and onto the set of the Director's newest film. One of those "umbrella-like" lighting contraptions flashes violently like a strobe light as the director peers around amid movie props. His "actors" sit around on the set, covered in blood, and shivering in fear. A bizarre, intense scene!

From here, a plain hallway lined with chicken wire fencing leads visitors on to the scenes of our next big icon:Jack first greets guests in his photo booth room. You know those corny photo booth boxes that line malls and carnivals? This scene is full of them! They're all closed off with colorful curtains, and a clown hides in almost every one. These clowns are not afraid to get right in your face for some scares. Next, we enter a larger scene cluttered with carnival prizes and set pieces. Huge dolls, a jack-in-the-box, stuffed animals, and other horrifyingly huge props form a winding path through this dark, glowing room. Clowns jump around these set pieces, and the entire scene has the look of a haunted carnival out of a cartoon.

Leaving the madness of Jack behind, we proceed to a more dreary group of scenes (arguably the best in the house): Enter a room dimly lit by clouded blue windows and dull fluorescent lights. Tables of tools line the walls. Shelves hold jars and other disgusting containers. The Caretaker stands behind these shelves to the right, but look out on the left! A staircase in the floor holds one of the Caretaker's assistants. He rams his shovel against the metal posts on the stairs. Loud! Frightening! Further inside the labs we find disgusting beds. On these beds lie even more disgusting bodies - those waiting for the Caretaker's skillful hands, or those already mutilated. These blackened corpses distract guests as still living bodies jump out from behind the bed curtains (a much more satisfying scare than the similar scene in Hellgate).

Guests then leave the Caretaker behind in his moonlit rooms of bodily fluids and grime to visit a most mysterious creature: Eddie's portion of the house is least detailed and most frightening (unless the sounds of a dozen chainsaws soothe you). The first scene features Eddie himself in front of a wall of skulls (his victims). It's a very convincing lair glowing pinkish-red with hateful color. Turning left out of this dirty room, poor visitors venture into a wide hallway whose walls are made of wooden planks. Spaces between the boards reveal more of Eddie's chainsaw team reaching for guest on both sides. A strobe light from behind the boards completes the scene. Finally, in a stunning conclusion, guests enter a foggy room of hanging, bloody bed sheets. Take one guess at what sort of monsters hide in this room. Guests make their way through the sheets, being attacked by chainsaws all the way. A short hall ends the house, but be careful...a few stragglers with chainsaws wait out in the so-called "safe area" of the street for one final scare!

ioacentral.com (archive)[edit | edit source]

HORROR NIGHTS NIGHTMARES- You enter a dark hallway. A staff member says  Don t dally, the Director is waiting for you . You enter a dimly lit movie theater, in which the song  You Oughta Be in Pictures  is playing. Movie theater guests are scattered throughout the theater, and have blood on their faces. They also look pretty angry. One of them slams a folding chair on the floor. A girl with blood on her face jumps out at you from behind curtains on your left. Other movie theater guests swing on ropes, and run at you as you exit the theater. You then enter a short hallway with chicken wire mesh covering the walls. An infestation display is there, with a rotting head inside a glass cage. You then enter the room where the Director himself is working on a new production. There s an electric chair on your right, and a victim reaches for you. The Director approaches you from the right. He makes his famous hand symbol , showing only his eye, and acts like he s filming you. As you try to escape, he says  Don t be so camera shy . You then exit the production area, and enter a small hallway.

Next, you enter an area with carnival photo booths on both sides. You hear carnival music, and demented looking versions of Jack the clown jump out at you from the photo booths. They stare at you, and block your path for just a moment, causing you to panic. You then escape into a short hallway. Next, you enter a toy room where a few Jack the Clowns are hidden among the toys. One of them, is behind a large stuffed animal, and he pushes it at you. There is a Jack the Clown on a platform to your left, and he reaches at you. Then, a Jack the Clown who is on your right, and who is standing as still as a statue, suddenly jumps at you, and starts to follow you into the hallway.

You then enter a dimly lit hospital area. The Caretaker s victims are here, as well as the Caretaker himself. The victims reach for you, and one of them appears to have lost an arm to the Caretaker s maniacal experiments. The Caretaker himself tries to stop you from leaving the room. You then enter another creepy room, where a dead body lurches at you. You are now in a graveyard. The Caretaker is on your right, and a victim of his is on your left. The victim gets close to you, and makes a really weird, chilling sound. The Caretaker shoots you with strong bursts of air as you try to escape.

Next, you enter a room where human skulls and skins are all over the wall. Eddie is there, revving his chainsaw, and you here the sounds of dozens of other chainsaws as you walk through this room. Next, you enter a long hallway which is mostly boarded up on both sides. Eddie s gang, who all have chainsaws, as well as insane looks on their faces, reach for you through openings between boards, and poke their chainsaws through. Strobes are blinking heavily in this portion of the maze.

You then walk through the final part of the maze, where you push through hanging, bloody bed sheets, and you can barely see where you are going. A couple of Eddie s henchman are hiding among the sheets, to make your escape more difficult. Finally, you exit the maze, only to be chased by two more of Eddie s maniacal chainsaw henchmen.

Scareactors[edit | edit source]

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only house ever featured in Soundstage 44.
  • The helmet from Infestation can be seen in The Director's portion.
  • The clickable items on the Patient Records for this house were all media gifts sent out during previous years.
  • The casting call on the website mentions the name Michael Aiello, who would later become the show runner of Halloween Horror Nights.
  • The location for the shooting of the film in the backstory was Soundstage 44, a reference to where the haunted house was actually located.
  • Scareactors portraying the icons and their followers seemingly roamed around outside the house.
  • A fan named mz made a website referencing this house called horrornightnightmares (with the s behind night taken out) and its one of the more prominent websites alongside HHNCrypt and HAUNTVAULT.
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