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Holidayz In Hell Maze.jpg
Holidayz in Hell
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot
Year 2019
Housed in Parisian Courtyard
Based on Original
Preceded By Holidayz in Hell (2018)

Holidayz in Hell (Haunted Maze) was one of the ten haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (Hollywood). It was located in the Parisian Courtyard.


What is supposed to be a time with friends, family and loved ones, the holidays have quite literally…gone to Hell! The terrors are far from limited to just Halloween. Prepare yourself for a sadistic experience involving a trip through a series of psychotic seasonal celebrations. Your creepy crawl through the year’s calendar is a true 365 day nightmare. After all, in our world…the scarier, the merrier!



The facade was a Giant New Year's Eve greeting card that had a projected clock that would count down to New Year's Eve, 1929. Guests would enter the maze through an entrance in the Greeting Card.

New Year's Day[]

As guests entered, they were greeted by an Undead Male Party Reveler (or on some occasions an Undead Female Party Reveler) who held a martini glass in their hand. They stood in front of a giant martini glass with a skeleton inside.

Guests then entered a nursery filled with undead, crying babies. Guests then saw Nursery Murals all around the Room. Guests see on the left the Nightmare Nurse brandishing a knife with a Baby in her arms as she pops out at guests. Before the appearance of the Nurse, Father Time could be seen overlooking the guests and nursery on the right.

Valentine's Day[]

Guests proceeded through a Tunnel of Love with Flashing Red lighting where there was a Postcard on Valentine's Day. Cupid popped out from behind a Black Box Boo Hole Scare.

Guests enter the Altar where the Cupid held a woman (presumably a bridesmaid) at knife point. The woman was bound to a gift box, and could only cry out for help as the Cupid cut out her heart. To either side of the table, a prom couple was bound to the walls, dead.

As guests exited the Tunnel of Love, candy hearts adorn the walls with macabre messages written on them, such as "Kill", "Kut Me", and "Dismember Me" as Cupid pulled a candy heart back and pop out with a knife.

Saint Patrick's Day[]

Guests go down through a Postcard with the Leprechaun and a Burning Village on it. Along with his house. Guests are then scared by the Leprechaun twice from Black Box Boo Hole Scares.

Guests would enter the outside of the Leprechaun's house and a man, presumably a victim of the Leprechauns, could be found tied up inside the well, and occasionally spit water, spraying any guests in front of him.

Guests would then enter the Leprechaun's house with gold brewing over a fire and one last Leprechaun would pop out from behind the door.


Guests entered a Black Hallway with a Postcard of Easter.

Guests then enter a 1970s Easter Bunny meet and greet. On the right a Easter Basket could be seen with a person trapped inside when the guests first enter with a Postcard behind it.

Then, they came across four giant Easter eggs, one containing a ravenous bunny, one with a Jack-O-Lantern face, one with human arms sticking out, and one where a beakless Peep pops out. Then, the Easter Bunny popped out from behind a curtain, and after guests pass him, they came across children traumatized and being held captive by fairly normal-looking yet emptily-staring Easter Bunnies.

4th of July[]

Guests enter a Black Hallway with a 4th of July Postcard. Guests then enter the outside of a Fireworks Stand where a Static Figure of Uncle Sam could be found holding fireworks.

As guests passed him and enter the fireworks stand, they came across an Injured Kid who lost his legs and half of his face as a result of a fireworks accident. Towards the end of the area, Uncle Sam popped out at guests from their right as fireworks went off on the left.


Guests enter the Outside of a Jack-O-Lantern where there was a Halloween Postcard. Guests then entered a large Jack-O-Lantern filled with UV Pumpkins wearing black robes. Most of the Pumpkins stood still, though some came to life and lunged at guests.


Guests entered a Black Hallway with a Thanksgiving Postcard and then entered a dining room occupied by a dead family sitting at a table with a human cooked instead of a turkey. Turkey Lurkeys would come out at various areas lunging at the guests.


Guests then went down a Black Hallway with a Christmas Postcard. Guests then found themselves outside in a Christmas Tree Lot, surrounded by trees decorated with intestines. Satan Claus popped out from behind an opening in a fence.

As guests proceeded onwards, they exited the maze and entered the Christmas in Hell scarezone.



  • "6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year!" - New Year's Crowd
  • "Should be of raise a glass to toast to our Baby New Year of 1929!" - Radio Reporter
  • "I gave my heart to you. Why did you rip it in two? Now there’s a price to pay. You can’t change the past. This will be your last. Your very last Valentine’s Day.” - Valentine's Day Singer
  • "At the end of the Rainbow is a Pot of Gold." - Leprechaun
  • "So you've come for me gold have ya?" - Leprechaun
  • "You'll not be stealing me gold." - Leprechaun
  • "If it's gold you want? Then gold you shall get! - Leprechaun
  • “Easter Bunny. You’re so funny. You fill my heart with joy! You’re so sweet. Give such nice treats to every girl & boy. Easter Bunny. See them running. When you go hippity hop! Your baseball bat. Makes bad kids go Splat! Bop!..Bop Bop! Bop!...Bop! Bop!” - Easter Song Singer
  • “Black cats and witches, Figures of fright. They all come together on Halloween Night. Great grinning pumpkins, their heads all alight. They all go a haunting on Halloween night. Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween night!” - Halloween Song Singer
  • “When the turkey goes gobble, gobble, gobble. Thanksgiving turns awful, awful, awful! Poor grandma’s dead, aunt Suzy lost her head! Cause the turkey went gobble, gobble, gobble!” - Thanksgiving Song Singer
  • "Ho ho ho." - Satan Claus





  • The Codename for this Maze was "Holiday". [1].
  • Murdy had said after he seen that the Holidayz in Hell (Scarezone) the previous year was a highly rated scarezone, and it was a definite choice for them to make it into a maze this year [2].
  • The Promo Art's Uncle Sam has a Smiley Face made out of Blood on one of the Stars of his hat.
  • Uncle Sam on the Promo Art is referencing the "I want you for U.S. Army" Military Ads.
  • The color of the strobes for each of the triggers in each section corresponds with each holiday.
    • New Year's Eve - Light Blue
    • Valentine's Day - Red
    • Saint Patrick's Day - Green
    • Easter - Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Turquoise, and White
    • 4th of July - Red, White, and Blue
    • Thanksgiving - White
    • Christmas - Red, Blue, and Green.
  • This maze was a three way collaboration between John Murdy, Chris Williams, and Pat Quinn[3].
  • Murdy had said the music featured in the announcement video from this house is a demo that Figure was still in the process of when finishing up for the maze [4].
  • A majority of the tracks used in the maze were from pre-existing Figure songs, with the only one created originally for the maze being Halloween[5].
  • All of the lyrics for each holiday's song were written by John Murdy.[6].
  • Artist Lucas Culshaw designed the postcards for the different seasons of the year.
  • Many Things in this Maze were reused from Previous Mazes:
  • The Stork holding the Baby on the Facade is a reference to the European Folklore about how the Stork is responsible for delivering Babies to New Parents.
  • Father Time's scythe on the facade pointed near 12am on the clock for the New Year.
  • The Party Goers were inspired by Old Photographs of Party Goers in the 1920's with a Touch of The Gold Room from The Shining. [7].
  • The New Years scene was set in 1928 turning into 1929 due to that being the end of the Roaring 20s. 1929 was the year the stock market crashed ushering in the Great Depression which was conveyed from a Radio News Report.[8].
  • The Skeleton in the Giant Champagne Glass was inspired by a Photo of a Flapper Girl in the 1920s in a Champagne Glass.
  • Baby New Year in a crib was initially in the maze in the New Years section, and was discussed at Monsterpalooza, but was removed very early in the event's run due to complications with the spacing of the scene. [9].
  • The Mother and Father of Baby New Year could be seen as Skeleton Static Figures next to the Crib.
  • The radio in the first scene was talking about the first baby born in the New Year. The Nursery was inspired by an old nursery in Chernobyl[10].
  • The Murals on the Walls of the Nursery are references to certain Children Stories. Little Miss Muffet, Cow Jumped Over the Moon, and Hansel & Gretel.
  • The Cow on the Cow Jumped Over the Moon Artwork has all of his Parts labeled for Round, Short Loin, Short Plate, Rib, and Chuck.
  • The hovel in the Hansel & Gretel Artwork in the New Year's Eve Section looks very similar to the House from the Saint Patrick's Day section, which is possible foreshadowing.
  • The Tunnel of Love was inspired by the Riverview Amusement Park in Chicago and Carnival of Souls. [11].
  • The victims killed by arrows on the pillars in the Valentine's Day Section were inspired by the statue of Saint Sebastian [12].
  • The Elevation of the Valentine's Day Scene shown at Monsterpalooza shows that the Gift Box Altar had a Box on it in front that made a Heart. The Reason for this not being present in the Maze is unknown.
  • Murdy focused on the original mythology for leprechauns and made it more about his revenge for the greedy people who would steal his gold for the Saint Patrick's Day Section. [13].
  • It was discussed at Monsterpalooza that there would be a Faerrie Cave Scene for the Saint Patrick's Day Section. The reason for it not being in the Maze is unknown. [14].
  • The Ruined Cottage was inspired by Biddy Early's Cottage in Clare, a Cottage in Ireland, and a Old Stone Church in County Mayo in Ireland. [15].
  • The victim drowned in the well in the Saint Patrick's Day section was inspired by a Dick Smith makeup for the movie, Ghost Story [16].
  • A scene where the Leprechaun would be seen pouring molten gold over a victims head was discussed at Monsterpalooza but was cut, although audio from this scene still remains in the maze, such as an unseen victim screaming as the Leprechaun says "If it's gold you want, then gold you shall get!". [17].
  • The Inspiration for the Cut Molten Gold Effect discussed at Monsterpalooza was from Game of Thrones.
  • Chris Williams (Art Director) made the cottage for the Saint Patrick's Day Section built into the side of a hill (the view through the window is rocks). [18].
  • The Easter Scene was conceived to look like a nightmare version of an Easter Bunny meet and greet at a shopping mall in the early 70’s. [19].
  • The Elevation shown at Monsterpalooza shows that the Rabbit Easter Egg was also supposed to spray water at guests as well. The Reason for this not being present in the Maze is unknown.
  • It was also stated at Monsterpalooza that the Jack-O-Lantern Easter Egg was supposed to be lit from the inside. The Reason for this not being present in the Maze is unknown.
  • The chicken clucking sound effect for the Melted Peep in the Easter Section was from Family Guy.
  • The Prop Team was was directed to find the worst Bunny costumes they could find for the Easter Photo Op Visual. [20].
  • Murdy's Daughter, Izzy, has a Cameo outside the Firework Stand was one of the Missing Children Posters. [21].
  • The Inspiration for the Injured Kid in the 4th of July Section was that growing up you’d always hear horror stories about some kid getting horribly maimed after playing with fireworks so he was created to be the distraction in the Scene. [22].
  • The Injured Kid's legs were actually on top of the blown off roof above the character.
  • The Black Bat Ads were inspired by Black Cat Fireworks.
  • The Halloween section of the maze was different from the one seen in the scarezone[23].
  • The Halloween Postcard has a No Trepass Sign on a Fence which looks very similar to the Prohibido El Paso Sign in the Truth or Dare Section for The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two.
  • The Halloween Section was inspired by the Halloween 2 Ending and the Jack-O-Lantern Fortune Game. [24].
  • The Halloween Section was a Twist on the Ending from Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield (Hollywood) [25].
  • Small Pumpkins Seeds could be seen inside of the Jack-O-Lantern in the Halloween Section.
  • The Thanksgiving Scene was envisioned as a nightmare version of a Norman Rockwell painting where the turkeys had risen up to kill their oppressors using cutlery, food items and kitchen utensils as weapons. [26].
  • Every detail of the Thanksgiving dinner table scene was written into the treatment, from the human roast turkey on the table to the in-law drowned in green jello to the wintery backlit images in the windows. [27].
  • The Thanksgiving section originally had a cooked semi-nude human corpse on the dining table posed like a cooked turkey, but it was removed several weeks into the event due to complaints of how graphic the prop appeared. It was replaced by a pile of organs. [28].
  • The Turkey Lurkey's Triggers in the Thanksgiving Scene was the Psycho Sound Effect. [29].
  • Santa and his Reindeer on the Christmas Postcard seemed to be referencing Santa's look and the Skeleton Reindeer in the Holidayz in Hell (Scarezone) rather than the maze's version.
  • Above the Christmas Scene is a Sign that says Peace on Earth. Next to the Trees is a Sign that says Christmas Tree Lot.
  • A scare involving a Mutant Christmas Tree was discussed at Monsterpalooza, but was not in the final maze due to complications with the spacing of the maze. [30].
  • The Creative Team was having trouble coming up with how to make Santa unique in the maze. Murdy realized that if you rearranged the letters of Santa's name you can get Satan. [31].
  • There was an Unused Santa Claus concept (A Blackbeard Concept for Ribbkns in his Beard) that they had before they decided to go with Satan Claus [32].
  • Satan Claus's Axe has a Candy Cane Handle.
  • Both this maze and The Curse of Pandora's Box came full circle with the beginnings of their maze and endings. This maze started with Baby New Year being born and in the Christmas in Hell scarezone, Baby New Year is all grown up as a toddler. [33].


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