"There comes a point when the mind can no longer accept the relentless terror ripping it apart, and panic gives way to complete and utter breakdown."

"No matter how hard you try to resist, you will crack. Because everyone has a breaking point."

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando event
Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Slogan What's Your Breaking Point

2X the Fear

Twice the Size, Twice the Fear

Year 2004

The Asylum Patient (unofficial)

Icon attraction


Number of haunted houses 7
Number of scarezones 4
Preceded by Halloween Horror Nights 13
Followed by Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror

Halloween Horror Nights XIV (marketed as Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando) was the 14th Halloween Horror Nights event. Asking guests "What's Your Breaking Point?", it featured the first time that parts of both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure were used in the event. Featuring seven houses, four scarezones, a show, and parade, the event ran for 19 nights in October 2004. This year is also notable for its highly immersive website, giving detailed backstories to every house and scarezone.

Dates & Times[edit | edit source]

Event Dates[edit | edit source]

October 1-2, 8-10, 13-17, 21-24, & 28-31 2004

Event Times[edit | edit source]

Sunday through Thursday ran from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Friday and Saturday ran from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Ticket Prices[edit | edit source]

Single Admission: $54.75 + tax

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(music from Midnight Syndicate)

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  • The advertisement for this year's event was subject to mild controversy due to accusations of being offensive to mentally ill people.
  • According to this, the Halloween Horror Nights XIV website had the names of Art and Design Members all over it.
  • Although this year did not have an event icon, Universal intended on making a headless horsemen type character in the role dressed in all black and named The Master. The character would ride through the streets at night shrieking at guests. For budgetary reasons, The Master never happened. (Source link needed)

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Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Characters: The Asylum Patient (Event Icon)  • Eddie Schmidt  • Jack the Clown  • The Caretaker  • The Director  • Gunter Karl Dietze  • Jeffrey Dietze  • Robert L. Strickland
Haunted Houses: Castle Vampyr  • Deadtropolis  • Disorientorium  • Ghost Town  • Horror Nights Nightmares  • Hellgate Prison  • Horror in Wax
Scarezones: Field of Screams  • Fright Yard  • Midway of the Bizarre  • Point of Evil
Shows: Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure  • Festival of the Dead Parade
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