Halloween Horror Nights Orlando event
Halloween Horror Nights IX
Slogan Last Gasp/ Sayonara
Year 1999
Icon Imhotep
Icon attraction

The Mummy

Number of haunted houses 5
Number of scarezones 1
Preceded by Halloween Horror Nights VIII
Followed by Halloween Horror Nights X

Halloween Horror Nights IX: Last Gasp was the ninth annual Halloween Horror Nights event in Orlando. Located in Universal Studios Florida, the event was advertised with a depiction of The Mummy calling it the "Last Gasp". The event featured five haunted houses, including the first 3-D house in Halloween Horror Nights history, one scarezone, two shows, and a parade, and was held for 19 days in October 1999.

Imhotep Edit

Imhotep was arguably the icon of Halloween Horror Nights IX. He had his own house set in Hamunsptra and was featured in the parade.

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Haunted HousesEdit




  • Terminator 2 3-D BATTLE ACROSS TIME
  • Twister... Ride it Out
  • Kongfrontation
  • Earthquake- The Big One
  • JAWS
  • Back to the Future the Ride
  • The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera

Articles Edit

 ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The dead will rise and maniacal
 madmen will rule beginning Friday, Oct. 1 as Universal Studios Florida
 officially unearths Halloween Horror Nights IX: Last Gasp.
     Fiendish and grisly creatures from beyond will mix with thrill seekers
 from all over the world who visit Universal during the month of October to
 live the movies -- and their worst nightmares.  With more spook and startle
 than ever before, each of the 19 bone-chilling nights promises the adrenaline-
 rushing intensity of a good scare as guests make their way through five
 haunted mazes, three wicked stage shows and a Season of the Witch Parade.
     The Halloween Horror Nights celebration begins October 1 and continues
 Oct. 2, Oct. 8 through Oct. 9, Oct. 14 through Oct. 17, and Oct. 21 through
 Oct. 31.  Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights are available through the
 Universal Studios web site,, Ticketmaster outlets, Spencer
 Gifts stores and at Universal Studios Escape for day of admission purchases.
 (Editor's Note: Please refer to Halloween Horror Nights IX Ticket Prices and
 Discounts Fact Sheet.)
     Music will mingle with the usual shrieks and cackling on the opening
 weekend of Halloween Horror Nights when top musical performers, including
 Tonic, Citizen King and Dishwalla, take the Halloween mainstage to perform
 their chart-topping hits.  Friday night's line up includes opening act Virgos
 Merlot, followed by Citizen King and then Tonic.  Saturday night will open
 with Fuel followed by Dishwalla.  The performances during opening weekend are
 included in the regular price of admission to Universal Studios Halloween
 Horror Nights.
     During the daylight hours, Universal Studios Florida is a fun-filled theme
 park featuring popular rides and attractions such as Twister: Ride it Out,
 Terminator 2: 3-D, Back to the Future: The Ride and Woody Woodpecker's
 KidZone, but when the sun goes down the most menacing and bizarre creatures of
 the netherworld emerge from the darkness ready to feast on fear.

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Halloween Horror Nights IX
Characters: The Mummy • Norman Bates
Haunted Houses: Doomsday • Insanity • The Mummy • Psycho: Through the Mind of Norman Bates • Universal's Creature Features in 3-D
Scarezones: Midway of the Bizarre
Shows: Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure VIII • Festival of the Dead Parade  • Deadly D'Illusions
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