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Jigsaw and the movie murderers request that you arrive early. You know how it goes, the early bird gets the chainsaw."

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood event
Halloween Horror Nights 2009
Slogan You'll wish it were just a movie./The most Horrifying Movies have come to life/ I want to play a game
Year 2009
Icon Billy the Puppet A.K.A John Kramer
Icon attractions SAW: Game Over

Terror Tram: Live or Die

Number of haunted mazes 4
Number of scarezones 6
Preceded by Halloween Horror Nights 2008
Followed by Halloween Horror Nights 2010

Halloween Horror Nights 2009 (Hollywood) You'll Wish It Were Just a Movie was the 10th year of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Like 2007 with Jack's fair, This year was similar to Orlando in that the cinema was the central theme.

Jigsaw was the main villain, with the thematics being that all the mazes and scarezones were all part of Jigsaw's movie-centric game.

Event Nights[edit | edit source]

October: 2-3, 9-11, 15-18, 23-25, & 28-31, 2009

Jigsaw and the Movie Killers[edit | edit source]

Jigsaw (Represented by Billy)- There were multiple men and women who fashioned themselves the moniker of “Jigsaw Killers”. The first one genuinely believed that putting his guests through a life or death situation would cure them- but the others put it to far more worse standards. Whoever this Jigsaw is, he helmed this Halloween Horror Nights, with his game centering on movies.

Charles Lee Ray- Like many supernatural slashers, this one had a pretty tough childhood which led to him becoming a pretty nasty person in both his human life and his later life as a killer doll. Eager to kill many victims, he was elated when Jigsaw tore him out of the screen and into his ”game” where he took over the House of Horrors.

Attractions[edit | edit source]

Haunted Mazes[edit | edit source]

Terror Tram[edit | edit source]

Scarezones[edit | edit source]

Shows[edit | edit source]

Rides[edit | edit source]

  • Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride
  • Jurassic Park: In the Dark
  • The Simpsons Ride

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Halloween Horror Nights 2009
Characters: Billy (Event Icon)  • Harry Warden  • Michael Myers
Haunted Mazes: SAW: Game Over  • Chucky's Funhouse  • Halloween: The Life & Crimes of Michael Myers  • My Bloody Valentine: Be Mine 4 Ever
Terror Tram: Terror Tram: Live or Die
Scarezones: Let the Games Begin!  • Freakz  • Shaun of the Dead  • Welcome to Hell • There Will Be Blood • The Meat Market  •
Shows: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute • Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure
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