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"He changed the face of Halloween and he's back!"

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
Halloween 4 Hollywood Logo.jpg
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Attraction type Haunted Maze
Event Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot
Year 2018


Housed in Waterworld Queue
Based on Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
Preceded By Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield (2016)

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Hollywood) was one of the eight haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2018 (Hollywood). It was located in the Waterworld Queue. The maze would later return three years later during Halloween Horror Nights 2021 (Hollywood). This version of the maze would be in the same location and would remain mostly unchanged.



Fall victim to the silver screen’s most deplorable slasher with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Based on the cult-classic horror film franchise, Halloween, this new maze will truly have you on edge…of Michael Myer’s knife that is.

October 30, 1988, a seemingly comatose Michael Myers is being transferred back to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. It has been a decade since his last killing spree in Haddonfield, but the townspeople know pure evil never sleeps. Michael awakens and slaughters the medical personnel transporting him, escaping into the night. Fortunately, Michael’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis, knows exactly where he is heading; unfortunately for you, no one is safe from Michael Myers…


Evil has returned. Michael Myers has escaped, and he’s on his way back to Haddonfield spreading blood and mayhem in his wake. Your only hope is Dr. Loomis – Myers’ fire-scarred former psychiatrist. But will he get there before it’s too late? It’s clear that this time, Michael Myers is unstoppable.



The facade was Penny's Service Station with projections in the windows of Michael Myers killing a waitress. The audio was a radio broadcast explaining that there was a crash in which Michael Myers escaped. Guests then entered the maze.

Haunted Maze[]

The first room of the maze was the Mechanic's Garage where guests could see the Mechanic hanging down from a chain as Michael Myers popped out with a wrench. Guests then head further into the garage and saw a burned victim on the wall with electricity panels going off with lighting while Michael Myers popped out from the right.

Guests would then head down a hallway to enter the interior of a diner, where Samuel Loomis could be seen shooting Michael who would appear via a scrim screen illusion. Guests would pass by a dead waitress as Michael Myers popped out from behind a wall panel before guests left the diner.

Guests would then enter an outdoor scene with a Pumpkin Scarecrow sitting on a bench surrounded by fences and lights hanging above it. The lights would turn on with a sound effect as Michael Myers jumped out with a knife.

Guests would enter another area with fences where Trick 'r Treaters would pop out from above with shaker cans. Guests would then see a bunch of pumpkins that would light up with a sound effect while Michael Myers popped out.

Then, guests entered an area with sheets where there were two Michael Myers scares. Guests could hear the sound of Sundae barking and then dying before entering the Meeker's House.

Inside the Meeker's House, guests could see the Sheriff on the couch dead with a pumpkin on his head and Kelly Meeker impaled on the wall with a shotgun. To the left of her, Michael Myers would pop out. Also in the scene was a TV playing the commercial from Halloween 3.

Guests would then enter a hallway where Sundae could be seen dead. Then, guests would go into another hallway where Michael Myers would pop out. Guests would then go into Jamie's Bedroom where Michael would appear in the mirror and then disappear. Jamie Lloyd would pop out from underneath the bed and to the left of the bed Michael Myers would pop out.

Guests would exit the house and enter an area where multiple Michael Myers would appear via Pepper's Ghost effects. There were three Michael Myers scares in this area.

Guests would then enter the Power Plant where Bucky could be seen behind a fence being electrocuted as Michael Myers popped out to the right.

Guests would then enter a black hallway with three Michael Myers scares before exiting the maze.






  • This maze was initially rumored to be based on Blumhouse's Halloween (2018), but the theme was switched at some point in development. It's unknown if this is true, but rumors for the reason for this change range from the parties involved wanting to avoid spoilers to Miramax's partial ownership by Disney getting in the way [1].
  • Murdy admitted that he and his team could have opted for a mask design more accurate to the film, but that he wasn't fond of how it looked so he chose not to.
  • Dwight H. Little Director of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers & Tranca Films' Malek Akkad were given a special preview of the maze by John Murdy.
  • The facade has a sign that for a soda called Haddonfield-ECola that is a play on Coca=Cola, and the font is the same style as the one used for the soda.
  • John Murdy plays the Michael Myers in the video that plays outside of the facade of the house [2].
  • The woman playing the waitress that Michael is strangling in the facade video is one of the production coordinators of the team.
  • There was audio on the outside of the facade of the depicted the transport vehicle carrying Michael Myers crashing.
  • Many references to Halloween III are featured in the house, The Trick 'r Treaters, The Silver Shamrock commercial. and Witch, Pumpkin, and Skull wall Halloween decorations.
  • The car in the opening scene of the maze was the same one used in Friday the 13th: Camp Blood (Hollywood).
  • In Deputy Logan and Kelly Meeker's death scene, the Silver Shamrock commercial from Halloween III: Season of the Witch played on the T.V.
  • The scene right after the Loomis shooting Michael scene is a direct reference/Easter Egg to the opening of Halloween 4.
  • In the sheets section, guests could hear the Dog (Sundae) barking and then whimpering (something you don't hear in the movie since in only shows Sundae when he's dead). Later in a hallway you then see Sundae dead (as you see him in the movie).
  • After Bucky's death scene there was an audio queue saying "The power line is down" which wasn't in the film.


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