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WARNING! This page contains information from an event that has yet to conclude. If you wish to remain spoiler free, do not read on.
Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
HHN Icons: Captured
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 30
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2021
Housed in Soundstage 24
Based on Original
Preceded By ICONS: HHN (2015)

HHN Icons: Captured was one of the ten haunted houses that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 30. This house brought together all of the past Halloween Horror Nights Icons into one epic haunted house and was located in Soundstage 24.

History and Location[]

For their 2020 Halloween Horror Nights event, Universal was planning to hold a haunted house featuring all of the past icons to celebrate the 30th Halloween Horror Nights year. After Halloween Horror Nights was cancelled that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal postponed the opening of this haunted house until the following year.

On August 5th, 2021, Universal announced that HHN Icons: Captured would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights that year. The house would be relatively unchanged from it's original plan in 2020.

The house would be located in Soundstage 24. Soundstage 24 is one of the larger soundstage facilities designed to be used as filming locations for movies and television shows.


Prepare to meet some of the most terrifying characters from 30 years of Halloween Horror Nights. Together in one house for the first time ever, Jack the Clown, The Storyteller, The Caretaker and many more have joined forces – some newly risen to true Icon status – to form a monstrous Hell of Fame. Discover who reigns supreme as the most evil of them all – it’s different each time you visit.

Over the last 30 years Halloween Horror Nights has introduced a murderer’s row of original characters. Now they’ve joined forces – some newly risen to true Icon status – to form a monstrous Hell of Fame, taunting and terrifying you at every turn.

  • You’ll meet Jack the Clown, The Storyteller, The Caretaker and many more – all in one house for the first time ever.
  • As you search for escape you’ll encounter tormented victims as well as each Icon’s demonic super fans.
  • Who’s the most evil of them all? Depending when you visit a different Icon will reign supreme.

Production Die-Ries[]

Return to your Nightmares

You've come to know and dread them; Jack the Clown, The Caretaker, The Director, Lady Luck, The Storyteller and The Usher...they're all here, together with Fear itself. Along your journey through this nightmare gathering you'll encounter other fan favorites that didn't quite rise to the level of "icon."

The HHN design team loved bringing their original character creations back for a 30th year anniversary celebration, reminiscing about their debuts in the past Halloween Horror Nights and as always, imaging future reincarnations and reunions. What does not make it into this year's event will usually find its way into a future haunt.


Queue and Facade[]

The queue entered to the left of the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store. The line would follow a road to the right of the Revenge of the Tooth Fairy line where it would take a right into a series of loops. After the loops guests continued down the road and take a left to go across the back wall of Soundstage 24. After a couple of more loops, guests entered the soundstage from the back.

Guests entered soundstage and were greeted with a Lantern-like facade with the enlarged totems of each of the seven icons, Lady Luck, The Director, Chance, Jack the Clown, The Usher, The Storyteller, and The Caretaker, being placed around a door. Above the doorway, the word "Icons" can be seen spelled out with vines, as well as the Roman Numerals "XXX". Finally, on both sides of the doorway a video screen played showing clips of each of the icons and the fire of the Lantern. Guests would go through the doorway and enter the Lantern.

Haunted House[]

Inside the Lantern, guests would find themselves in a large fiery cavern-like area covered with burning vines. The Caretaker jumped out at guests from behind a fiery wall on the right. Continuing on, guests would be startled by Chance on the left brandishing a knife and laughing maniacally. Continuing past a body hanging upside-down wearing a shirt from Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear, guests would encounter Fear himself standing tall in front of guests. He would serve as a distraction, as Jack the Clown would jump out laughing at guests to the right.

Entering the next room, guests would find themselves in the realm of Lady Luck. Gambling chips, coins, and dollar bills are scattered everywhere, and a victim could be seen strapped to a large wheel. Lady Luck in her monster form would jump out to the right of the wheel, as one of her Spade Minions jump out on guests' left. As guests continued through her realm, they would see a dead body lying a table with a heart-shaped pendulum slicing it in half. This would serve as a distraction as Lady Luck attacks from the right of guests. Before guests entered the next realm, a slot machine animation could be seen above the exit, spinning rapidly before landing on three film cameras.

Moving onto the next scene, guests found ourselves in The Director's realm where his latest victim could be seen being electrocuted in a bathtub as the floor vibrates and the room begins to fill with fog. The Director himself would jump out at guests on the left, blinding them with the light on his camera. Guests move further past some curtains, a director's chair, and a corpse with a spike stabbed in its torso. The Director jumped out from behind one of the curtains. Entering into the final room of his realm, guests would look up and see a large screen above them playing clips of the Director's HHN 13 commercial. The Director jumps out at guests on the right with his camera. Finally, the corpse of The Usher could be seen on the left hanging from the ceiling. Guests would walk into the next scene by walking through the screen.

On the other side of the screen, guests would find themselves in the Universal Palace Theater where many dead victims of The Usher could be seen sitting in the theater seats. On the left, the Usher could be seen bashing his latest victim in the head with his flashlight and shushing guests as they moved forward into the next room. Guests would walk through a hallway of the theater, where various posters were hung up on the walls. On the left, The Usher would lunge at guests from behind one of the posters. Walking around to the other side of the wall, guests could see The Usher behind a concession stand. Guests would walk through red curtains and into the next realm.

Next, guests would find themselves in a hallway of The Caretaker's funeral home, which had stained glass windows and smoldering walls with loud organ music playing in the background. On the left, guests could see a coffin with banging and screaming coming out of it. Outside of a window, guests could see a silhouette of The Caretaker killing his latest victim with his shears. Continuing into the next room, guests found themselves in his operating room which was filled with corpses on beds with sheets over them. One of The Caretaker's Minions rushes at guests from behind a curtain holding a long blade. The Caretaker himself could be seen ripping out the heart of another victim on an operating table. In the final room of The Caretaker's realm, The Caretaker would jump out at guests from between too occupied body bags holding his trusty shears.

Guests then enter into the next realm, that being of The Storyteller. There, guests would find themselves in a house and encounter an eyeless corpse sitting in a rocking chair next to a plate of cookies. Across from it, The Storyteller would jump out at guests. Turning left into another room, guests would see the silhouette of The Storyteller reading her latest tale next to a staircase. She would then quickly close the book and transformed into a demonic form, flying away. Guests could also see a corpse laying on a bed of nails with an anvil dropped on it. Guests would continue on and be startled by a flashing wall with body parts shoved between wooden planks. The final room of the section featured the demonic form of The Storyteller standing on a ledge in front of the Terra Cruentus symbol and swiping at guests.

After that, guests would enter a room featuring a desk with a mirror over it. The mirror would ripple, and after a little bit guests would hear the scream of Bloody Mary as the mirror shattered to pieces. Guests would then find themselves in a winding hallway filled with hanging mirrors. Three of the mirrors would drop to reveal severed heads with glass shard stabbed into their faces behind them. Guests would then walk past a small asylum control room and hallway, entering the final realm. Before they entered, they could see Jack's open Jack-in-the-Box glowing green.

Guests found themselves entering Chance's Patient Room, eventually ending up in Jack's circus-esque realm, where the Ringmaster himself stood on a platform. This would serve as a distraction as Chance jumps out across from him in a padded cell. In the cell, a heart with the letters "C+J" was on the wall. At the end of the scene, one of Jack's Maniacs also jumps out holding a spiked baseball bat. The finale of the maze was Fear's throne room, where one of the seven Icons could be seen sitting a large throne on an elevated platform across a long and rocky hall. Three other random Icons, two on the left and one on an elevated platform to the right, would attack guests as they made their way to the throne. After taking a right turn at the feet of the winning icon, guests would exit the house.


  • "The Caretaker is here, and your time has come!" - The Caretaker
  • "JACK!" - Jack the Clown
  • "Film is a weapon!" - The Director
  • "AND CUT!" - The Director
  • "Shhhh." - The Usher
  • "Good evening moviegoers." - The Usher
  • "LET ME OUT. AHHHHH!" - Coffin Victim
  • "This person has no heart." - The Caretaker
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen step right up and see all of Jack's maniacs!" - Jack the Clown
  • "It's time to die!" - Jack the Clown
  • "What the shit!?" - Chance






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