HHNVault was a now-defunct fansite for Halloween Horror Nights. It was created by dR.fReAK – a long time Halloween Horror Nights fan. The site was shut down in early 2010.

In late 2020, the site suddenly regained momentum and allowed for pre-registration for the new site. With the name change came the ability for HAUNTVAULT to cover more than just Halloween Horror Nights, expanding the site into the world's largest haunted attraction website.

Taken from HAUNTVAULT's press release:

HAUNTVAULT™ is the Necronomicon of global haunted events – the world’s largest

haunt community and online catalogue devoted to the history, and legacy, of horror events.

We are the penultimate ‘history book’ on haunted events worldwide. Currently, HAUNTVAULTTM covers Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights™ (Orlando, Japan, Singapore & Hollywood), Busch Garden’s Howl-o- Scream (Virginia, Tampa, & Texas) and Knott’s Scary Farm (California). Ranging back from the 1970’s to today, cataloging all Haunted Houses, Event Shows, Scare Zones, and Event Icons. And that's just the beginning...

HAUNTVAULT™ will grow and expand for future dates, and events, and is truly powered by our HAUNTVAULT™ Society Members. Our thousands of Society and Society Elite Members power our site by interacting with our site like never seen before. While navigating horrific history, Society Members can mark events as 'attended', comment on their own experiences per Haunted House, Scare Zone, or event overall, and explore the site collaborating with other Members – all the while earning Society Member Points.

Turn down the lights, and pull up a chair as you explore the macabre history of horror with us.

Update 7/10/20: HAUNTVAULT will be reopening this haunt season (2020).

(Ancedotes from HHNVault forums, pasted for archival purposes) Edit

O''n my third time listening to the therapy session...I put headphones on to listen to the whole thing carefully (the music on the page doesn't help).<br><br>And at the end...she says the head reminds her of the butcher's store or something like that.<br><br>I'm thinking...either she had a traumatizing experience in a room filled with hanging meat....or her parents owned a butcher shop...and she grew up seeing her father slaughter animals.<br><br>We'll see''

☀It's funny how at the end she mentions the butcher shop. OMG it is leatherfaces long lost sister joking. But I think she will slip into her treatments a little to much and go crazy.

-a HHNVAULT member

The doctor seems to have a fascination with music. There is always music playing in her office that keeps changing the more she loses her mind. And also in the last update she says the "music is soothing." It seems that music plays an important part in the doctor's story, so I wonder what kind of connection the music has with the doctor?

-HHNVAULT member

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