Greed is one of the scareactors in the scarezone 7. Greed is on the 3rd stage you come across if you enter Hollywood Boulevard from the Plaza of the Stars. Her set was made up of many riches and treasures, tied together with thick golden chains. Her minions wore nice yellow suits, and had crumpled dollar bills shoved into their mouths.

Greed wore a gold colored dress, with the top being a gold drape with shoulder puffs and and the bottom decorated with golden coins and shingles, a pearl necklace, and two pearl bracelets. Her mask had a head piece that resembled a tiara with gold coins hanging from it. She would be seen fiddling with gold coins, or digging through a chest full of riches.

During her second stage, the top half of her dress would be missing, showing the full shingled portion of the dress. Not only was her pearl jewelry gone, but they would be replaced with a thick gold chain wrapped around her neck and wrists.

During the final stage, her dress would be torn at the bottom. Her neck and wrists would be burdened with even more, thicker gold chains, and her hands and face would turn blue and pale as if she were suffocating.