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Gorewood Forest is a location in Terra Cruentus, the setting of Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror. It is the location of the scarezone, Cemetery Mines and the haunted houses Body Collectors and The Skool. The area is located in Jurassic Park.

Role in Terra Cruentus[edit | edit source]

This is a realm of transformation. Bodies from the victims of the Ritual de Blude are brought here and buried in the deep caverns of the Cemetery Mines, where they undergo a very slow transformation. Bone turns slowly into iron and flesh turns slowly into stone. This metamorphosis creates Gorewood Trees and minerals. Miners would dig mine shafts in order to excavate and sell these minerals. Unfortunately, the Knucklegrunt guard beasts have a habit of escaping into the mine shafts in order to get away from their abusive masters. Light is the only thing that keeps them away, so the workers make sure to keep lamps on their persons whenever they go down into the mines. Some of the workers have a side-business of selling counterfeit skulls to the Bone Chopper Riders.

Nearby the mines is the facility of the Body Collectors, where corpses are turned into art, tools, weapons, and decorations. The Body Collectors are responsible for the creation of the handle of the Terra Throne Blade, made from the bones of humans.

Just across the facility is the Skool, where the children of Terra Cruentus learn the ways of the land and how to properly obey and worship the Terra Queen. One of their favorite activities is the game of Dead Man's Wishes, a form of hide-and-seek that has the players trick people before killing them.

Every Season of the Queen, the Body Collectors and Knucklegrunts produce the Gorewood Skull, a treasure coveted and revered by all.

Rhyme[edit | edit source]

Thirteen skulls in the cold, dead ground

A hundred years, they made no sound.

The first was fixed by an iron pike.

The second brained with a miner's spike.

And three, and four were marked alike.

The fifth one lay with it's crown in gore,

where the digger's knife had left it's score.

And the sixth was stabbed, four times more.

The rest of them, too, lay stiff and stark.

Seven dead more in the cold and the dark.

And each one, too, bore the murder mark.

T'was pick axe blow, or an ounce of lead,

left yarn whole in a battered head,

till the ground below ran mud blood red.

They wrapped them each in canvas tight,

with spade and hoe and auger's bite.

They lowered them down and out of sight.

With a "ho heave ho" and a "fair ye well".

Thirteen graves reeked a fresh mud smell.

One fathom below, the spot they fell.

Thirteen skulls in the cold, dead ground.

A hundred years, they made no sound.

Where bone becomes iron, where flesh turns to stone.

Where the trees known as "Gore Wood" are said to have grown.

Of this place we sing, but no more is known.

Of this place we sing, but no more is known.

Website[edit | edit source]

On the map of Terra Cruentus found on the Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror website, visitors could click on and view the Gorewood Forest region of the map. There, they could click on areas for The Skool, Cemetery Mines, and Body Collectors to go to their respective website pages. Visitors could click on the Gorewood Skull to hear a voiceover clip about the area.

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Audio[edit | edit source]

Clip that played when the Gorewood Skull was clicked on:

Song that played on the Website Page: Secret Chamber by Midnight Syndicate

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