Floyd Mercer is the only known person to meet Lady Luck and survive. Floyd was with his friend, Benny Hamilton, at a downtown casino, playing a "30-60 game" when a woman with long red hair and green eyes dressed in dark green came up to the table, smiling. Something strange happened. When she sat down to watch, Benny won four games in a row. With the money he earned, Benny offered him breakfast tomorrow morning. Hours later, Floyd left through the back door of the casino, when he heard a screech, a roar, and his friend Benny scream. Looking down an alley, he saw Benny being eaten by the same woman he and Benny met, but now she had sharp teeth, flaring nostrils, sunken in green eyes, and long claws. The woman looked up at him and smiled with blood dripping down her chin. As she stood up, Floyd saw what looked like a group of nine people dressed in black and white with spades carved in their clothes and faces. Floyd took off and never looked back. Later, he began to show signs of dementia and madness as he started writing ancient and modern proverbs about luck, painted spades all over his bedroom walls and wrote a journal about what had happened to him and Benny even describing what Lady Luck is: an ancient succubus who has been around since humans were placed on Earth. He believed that the ancient people associated her with Tyche, the Greek goddess of luck, or her Roman counterpart, Fortuna. He was incarcerated in Hellgate Prison for the murder of Benny and was later transferred to the Shadybrook Resting Home and Sanitarium. What the doctors didn't know was that he faked his madness just to get away from Lady Luck. Before the infamous hospital closed for good due to its horrible reputation about escaped and rioting inmates, Floyd hung himself when he realized Lady Luck was coming for him. The journal, and the proverbs were placed in a police evidence vault.

Halloween Horror Nights 21
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