Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Field of Screams
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2004
Housed in Seuss Backlot
Based on Original
Succeded by Harvest of the Souls (2006)

Field of Screams was one of the four scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights XIV. It was set in a haunted cornfield, infested with ghosts and chainsaw wielding scarecrows. The scarezone was located in the Seuss Backlot.

History and Location[edit | edit source]

For their 2004 event, Universal would build two huge scarezones in between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, one of which was Field of Screams (which was over two acres in size). Universal planted actual corn between the two parks in advance and waited for it to grow for the scarezone. However, hurricanes battered the corn, but luckily the much of the corn survived and the scarezone was still able to run.

The scarezone would be the first and only scarezone located in the Seuss Backlot. The Seuss Backlot is an area that enters from Seuss Landing and exits out of Production Central near where the entrance to the Rockit ride is now. The area is in the backlot of the Universal Studios park near where the soundstages are located. This would be the only time the Seuss Backlot was used for a scarezone.

Field of Screams would receive a sequel scarezone in 2006 titled Harvest of the Souls.

Description[edit | edit source]

Stay off the path that is twisted and worn, Where stalks all grow tattered and torn, For all those who do, stay lost and forlorn, Singing forever the Rhyme of the Corn.

Something in these cornstalks is stalking YOU... and it's coming closer.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

In October of an unknown year, FEAR Comics published a 28 page comic called "The Rhyme of the Corn". It cost 20 cents and was advertised as having "Jolting Tales of Tension". The first page featured a comic with a poem called "The Rhyme of the Corn". The comic then urged readers to follow the Rhyme of the Corn, while showing pictures of a town called Hillside.

There was a boy who attended Hillside School. He got great grades in his first quarter and his teacher described him as being a pleasure to have in class. The teacher did say that he should be spending less time with comic books, specifically the one titled "Rhyme of the Corn". Next quarter his grades started to slip as he became more obsessed with his comic.

By the third quarter, the teacher started to grow extremely concerned as the boy now seemed completely engrossed in the comic which has caused his grades to slip even farther. They suggested a parent-teacher conference at 3:30 PM on the next Friday the 13th. On the final quarter, the boy failed every class. His teacher goes on to say that not only will he have to repeat the grade, but also recommends psychiatric counseling to help end his obsession with reciting the "Corn song". The report card ends with the teacher saying that they and the entire school board thinks it would be best if the boy were sent to a "special school". The boy most likely followed the Rhyme of the Corn which drove him insane. He was later sent to an asylum, most likely Shadybrook. The records of this experience were kept in a box in one of the rooms of the asylum.

In the Patient Records on the Halloween Horror Nights XIV website, visitors could see the contents of the box detailing the boy's experience. The box contains the "Rhyme of the Corn" comic book, which visitors can click on to read the cover and the first two pages. There was also the boy's report card in a folder, which can be clicked on to learn about the boy's descent into madness over the course of the school year. Also on the website were paperclips, multiple drawings of scarecrows (most likely done by the boy), a picture of a weather vane, a spindle, and a yo-yo. The yo-you had the Point of Evil symbol scratched into it, and would take visitors back to the main page of the Patient Records when clicked on.

In the scarezone, guests followed the Rhyme of the Corn and discovered what had driven the boy insane.

References to the Number 13:

  • On the third quarter, the teacher suggests scheduling a parent-teacher conference next Friday the 13th.

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Audio that played on the Scarezone Page:

Experience[edit | edit source]

The scarezone was a huge corn maze with Scarecrows and Pumpkin Heads. When guests entered the zone, they saw a fallen over sign that said "Welcome to Hillside" next to some hay bales. A trailer, a tractor and a house also appeared with a redneck family. Scarecrows with pumpkin heads were in the corn as props.

(From the now defunct IOACentral.com)

You enter a weathered, worn looking cornfield. To your right, there is an old trailer, with an old, ugly hag standing out in front of it. She calls to you" Come here honey, come inside for a while". As you walk through the cornfield, you hear the sound of a child calling out for help. You also hear cornstalks cracking as unseen people walk through the cornfield, stalking you. You then begin encountering members of a weird hillbilly farming family, most of whom have chainsaws. The farmers look brutal, have blood on their faces, and don't look too happy that you're trespassing in their cornfield. They chase you, snarl at you, and say things like" Get out of my cornfield boy!". If you're unlucky, they rev up their chainsaws, and chase you through much of the cornfield. There are scarecrows hiding throughout the cornfield, who will jump out at you when you're not paying attention, such as when you're distracted by one of the hillbilly farmers. There are also pumpkin headed scarecrows, who appear to be props, but, as soon as you start to think that they are props, they will start to chase you. You finally escape from the winding, frightening trails of the Field of Screams.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This was the only scarezone that was located in the Seuss Backlot. Although, there was a area called Maldaken Pass in this same location in 2005.
  • As mentioned above, the Hurricane of 2004 ruined this scarezone a bit.
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