Elizabeth Hawthorn is one of the three people responsible for what happens in Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetery. The other two being Jonathan, her husband and the controversial scientist, Malcolm Trumbull. An old spinster (Lady Luck in disguise) offers a choice between two plots of land for Jonathan and his future wife Elizabeth's home. Jonathan chooses one and soon the two are married and their house is built. Elizabeth eventually died due to sickness in 1831. She was placed in a memorial that eventually became the family cemetery. When she was still alive but ill, Jonathan turned to a very controversial alchemist and scientist named Malcolm Trumbull to aid his wife with the traditional medicine at the time, but the medicine failed. Before she was buried, Elizabeth was embalmed in a way that she wouldn't rest in peace. Since then, Elizabeth's ghost had been seen wandering around the cemetery. Distraught by what had happened, Jonathan committed suicide on the third anniversary of his wife's death. Malcolm took the position as caretaker and funeral director of the cemetery, and was succeeded by his son in the 1930's. Every October night, blue lights glowed in the cemetery as Trumbull lit lamps that contains the spirits as they glide through the cemetery.

In 2012 it was revealed that Elizabeth Hawthorn was a part of the Kerezan Legion.

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