Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction
El Cucuy .jpg

El Cucuy: The Boogeyman 

Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2013 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot


Housed in Parisian Courtyard
Based on The legend of El Cucuy

El Cucuy: The Boogeyman was one of the six haunted mazes that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2013 (Hollywood). It was located in the Parisian Courtyard.

Description[edit | edit source]

Do you remember when you were afraid of the dark… the possibility that some horrible creature may be hiding in your closet or under your bed? People call him the Boogeyman, but in Mexico, he's known as "El Cucuy." Some say he's a shadow, an evil spirit that changes form to become whatever you fear. Some say he's a hideous monster that lives in the caves. But it's all just a myth, right? Or is it?

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • John Murdy makes a cameo in this house as Dr. Albondigas on a poster in one of kids rooms.
  • When Murdy had began work on this maze, he decided El Cucuy should be a character and heard in the maze and thought Danny Trejo would be perfect to provide the voice for him.
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