Dr. Oddfellow was not a real doctor like Albert Caine or Dr. Mary Agana. Instead, he was a circus entrepreneur who held several circuses of fun. He also was the boss of Jack Schmidt, who would later become one of the most fearsome clowns in history.

Halloween Horror Nights X Backstory Edit

Dr. Oddfellow owned a carnival called "Dr. Oddfellow's Carnival Of Thrills". Jack had murdered several small children throughout the Southern states and he thought the F.B.I was on to him. Fearing imprisonment he went to Dr. Oddfellow for help and possible concealment. Dr. Oddfellow was wanted by the police for the accidental death of several patrons in a freak circus accident years earlier under a different name. He did not want the police to potentially catch him so he asked Jack to show him where he put the bodies. Jack showed him the bodies which were placed in 3 small trunks inside of his travel coach. Fearing the worst Dr. Oddfellow had Jack murdered and hid Jack's body within the traveling carnival's House of Horrors as an exhibit along with the bodies of the children. Years later he sold his Carnival.

Halloween Horror Nights: Carnival of Carnage Backstory and Fate Edit

After Jack escaped from Shadybrook Rest Home and Sanitarium, he went out to seek revenge on Dr. Oddfellow for having him murdered. In the dark of night, Jack stalked into the tents and took his long-overdue vengeance. He murdered Dr. Oddfellow and took his most prize possession, a silver-headed cane of souls (which also presumably what kept Oddfellow alive and in motion for 80 years).