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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Crypt TV
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 30
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area San Francisco
Year 2021
Housed in San Francisco
Based on Crypt TV (2015-2021)

Crypt TV was one of five scarezones that were featured during Halloween Horror Nights 30. It was located in San Francisco. The scarezone was based on the Youtube horror series Crypt TV, and featured a variety of different monsters from the series, such as the Look-See, Mordeo, The Birch, and many other monsters from the network.

History and Location[]

For their Halloween Horror Nights 30 anniversary year in 2021, Universal decided to feature a scarezone based around the Youtube horror series Crypt TV. The scarezone would feature sets and monsters from a wide variety of episodes from the creators of the platform. On August 12th, 2021, Universal announced that Crypt TV would be one of the five scarezones featured at the event that year.

The scarezone would be the sixth located in the San Francisco area of the park, an area located near the middle of the park themed after the city of San Francisco.


Step inside Crypt TV, a dark universe of monsters that reside in the same reality—on your screen, in your pockets and now San Francisco.

Guests will step inside Crypt TV, a dark universe of original monsters in the same reality that come to the park to wreak havoc, terror, and horror on guests in real life. In this nightmare world that’s overtaken San Francisco, creatures of all shapes and sizes exist, including The Look-See, the Sunny Family Cult, Harclaw and Miss Annity. Now, they’ve been brought to life in Halloween Horror Nights and are ready to bring the terror, the flesh, and the stories of these monstrosities to the San Francisco area of HHN.

Series Featured in the Scarezone[]





  • This marks the first time HHN has used a Youtube Series for a Experience.
  • Although its set was featured in the zone and was featured on the promotional artwork in the scarezone poster The Brute was not featured in the zone.
  • The Miss Annity Stage was a Mix of the Poster for her series and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • The Stages have The Look-See's Fabric below them.
  • Looksee's signature is written on the mirror of bathroom set.
  • The illustrated pages featured in the zone are pages that were featured in the Crypt Tome, a mysterious book that features information about all of the monsters in the Crypt TV Monsterverse.
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